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The Evolution of Skincare Routines with the Best Acne Treatment Products in the Philippines

Skin care has always been a part of human civilization, and the best acne treatment products in the Philippines may have had rich origins. Early records of humans and skin care can be dated back 6,000 years ago. But others suggest that the use of skin care and cosmetics can be traced even further, stemming from the beginning of the existence of the human race. We’ve seen and heard of thousands of early civilizations using a variety of facial and body decorations that amplify their beauty, based on their social and cultural implications of “what it means to be beautiful”.

The notion of attraction may vary depending on culture and the standards set by a certain society. In ancient times, tribesmen and women would decorate themselves for various purposes; for attention, for intimidation, to celebrate, and to look “beautiful”. Many tribes would make use of cosmetics as a symbol of social standing or to increase the chances of finding a partner.

People during 6,000 B.C. would even make use of mirrors. These mirrors were obviously not used to send any signals to alert other people, but for vanity. Ancient people would make use of polished stones and even reflective metals such as copper to peer at themselves, as they apply their decorative face paint or to apply cosmetic products.

History of Skin Care

History of Skin Care

Egyptian Civilization

Ancient Egyptians were among the first people to apply skin care in their daily lives. The first traces of cosmetic usage were said to date back to 3000 B.C. and were traced by archaeologists when they found clay pots filled with makeup and ancient beauty products. It was known that aesthetics were a part of Ancient Egyptian culture. Not only was beauty important for the Ancient Egyptians, but keeping their skin health was of equal priority. The cosmetics they would use served to protect their skin from  harsh environmental factors such as warding the sun’s relentless heat, keeping insects from biting their skin, and keeping their skin moisturized. The design patterns that they would apply on their face and skin served as a ritual to the gods and goddesses of the Ancient Egyptians.

Ancient Egyptians would make their own formulation of makeup. This consisted of different metals and various stones that were crushed and grounded to turn into powder. Mixing water, animal fat, or oil would turn these into cosmetic products such as ancient eye-shadow and blush-on. Changing the ratio of liquid-based ingredients to the powders would change the tone of the color, giving a more dramatic look. For their lips, cheeks, neck, and shoulders, Ancient Egyptians would make use of a red clay called ochre mixed with water. Ancient Egyptians would mix burned almonds, lead, and copper with water as one of their most highlighted cosmetic products, their eyeliner. In fact, their eyeliner served another purpose, apart from aesthetics. Ancient Egyptians used eyeliner to protect their eyes from the sun.

For rituals and decorative purposes, Ancient Egyptians would make use of a mixture of crushed dried shrub leaves mixed with water to form a paste that served as a temporary dye that colors the skin. This is commonly known today as Henna; Ancient Egyptians were the first known civilization to make use of this.

Ancient Egyptians didn’t have access to lotions and other moisturizing products we have today. In order to maintain smooth and soft skin, they resorted to rubbing honey and beeswax on their skin.

Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greek skin care was adopted from the Ancient Egyptians. After invading Egypt, the Ancient Greeks looked into the products and research of the Ancient Egyptians skin care, and further advanced their skin products. Ancient Greeks were known to spend most of their time at a  spring or spa in order to focus on the health of their skin. They made use of oil and sand to protect their skin from the elements, and like the Ancient Egyptians, honey and beeswax to keep their skin moisturized.

Bathing was highly important to them due to their association of skin care with cleanliness and hygiene. They made use of various oils from animal fat, which served as their soap to remove dirt from their skin. Royal women were known to use crocodile dung to lighten their skin; they associated high social status with lighter skin. They also made use of the mineral alum to treat scabs and lighten dark areas of the skin. Today, alum, commonly known as “Tawas” is commonly used as one of the best acne treatment products in the Philippines. Ancient Greeks would use olive leaf extract to prevent acne.

Medieval Times

During the Medieval period of Europe, cosmetics were frequently used by people. Maintaining smooth and light skin was a priority of the upper-class in society. They had various forms of lotions and ointments in the form of animal fats. Much like the best acne treatment products in the Philippines, Medieval European women had their own ways to prevent and remedy acne and pimples. They would make use of herbal remedies, such as cucumber, aloe vera, and rosemary. They would make use of vinegar as an astringent. To exfoliate their skin, Medieval Europeans would make use of seeds, leaves, and flowers mixed with honey.

The Renaissance

Skin care during the Renaissance period was fairly similar to Medieval times. Though other methods have developed such as mixing oatmeal in boiled vinegar to treat acne and pimples, broom stalks were used for exfoliation and cleansing of the skin.

The 1800s

Prior to the 1800s, skin care had barely evolved. But during this time, many new skin care products  emerged, thanks to the advancements of technology and science. There were still natural methods for skin care such as using egg yolk, honey, and oatmeal to combat skin blemishes. Lemon juice is used to lighten the skin. Many skin-formulated skin products emerged during this era; Vaseline, baby powder, and lip balm were invented.

The 1900s to the Present

A century later, skincare became more popular and accessible to everyone. Hundreds of products were made during the 1900s, all sharing a single goal: to maintain healthy and beautiful looking skin. In 1937, the famous lip balm, Carmex was invented. Followed by sunscreen in 1944. Popular brands that are known today also emerged during this age. In 1946, Estee Lauder began selling cosmetic products. In the 1950s, Olay, Ponds, and Clinique were among the most popular brands to arise. Years later, we would see other brands such as Burt’s Bees to surface.

Vitamins and Nutrients for Healthy Skin

It’s not all about the products you apply on your face that help keep your skin healthy and glowing. Taking oral supplements and the best vitamin C in the Philippines for your epidermis can promote beautiful skin. Vitamin C-1000 mg with Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips and Beta-Carotene Vitamin A 10,000 IU from Puritan’s Pride is among the best supplements to maintain healthy and acne-free skin.

Beta-Carotene Vitamin A 10,000 IU not only helps maintain skin and hair health, but it also aids in boosting optical health, supports the immune system, and provides health benefits for the heart and other organs. Vitamin C-1000 mg with Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips may be known to increase the human body’s immune system, but it also aids in the whitening of the skin and general skin health.

When it comes to the best acne treatment products in the Philippines, these supplements are essential to combat the effects of aging, both inside and out. Taking care of your skin involves taking care of your whole bodily systems. With all the right skin care products and vitamins for adults, beauty and wellness will be yours.

A Look into Skin Care Routines

A Look into Skin Care Routines

Now that we’ve talked about the rich history of skin care, we can finally talk about the best skin care routines for ageless and young-looking skin. Even the ancients probably followed a skin care routine, and they most likely stuck to a sequence as well. Skin care products need to be applied sequentially to make the most out of each and every product’s benefits.

What are the steps that one should take? Which product must be applied first? Answering this question relies on these simple concepts; apply the thinnest consistency to the thickest, and/or liquids must be applied before oils. The most effective skin care procedure involves 10 steps. All of which fall under cleansing, prepping, nourishing, and protecting.

Cleansing involves removing dirt from your skin, prepping helps the skin maintain its pH and gets it ready for the application of other skin care products in order for the skin to absorb every benefit of each product. Nourishing steps help treat the skin, such as keeping it hydrated and to aid in healing the skin. Finally, protecting helps maintain your skin’s overall health and combat the aging effects of environmental factors.

The 10-step Skin Care Routine

  1. Makeup Remover and Oil Cleanser Start your skin care routine by applying your makeup remover and oil cleanser in the morning. These products will ensure a deep clean, removing and existing makeup on your skin and expelling any oil-based impurities on the skin. The best acne treatment products in the Philippines are meant to effectively break down any oil-based debris.
  2. Water Based Cleanser Another facial cleanser? Yes. It is recommended by dermatologists and cosmetic specialists all over the world to apply a double cleanse. These cleansers help remove and dispel any water-based impurities, such as sweat and dirt. It is very important that double cleansing helps prevent any future breakouts.
  3. Exfoliate After cleansing your face, it’s essential to exfoliate your skin with both physical and chemical methods. You can make use of the best acne treatment products in the Philippines that make use of lactic acid or salicylic acid to help clean your pores and remove any dead skin cells on your face for a smoother and glowing skin. Exfoliating will also help your skin absorb the other skincare products you will use.
  4. Toner Applying toners to your skin will not only help with the process of cleansing your skin but it will also aid in repairing your skin. Toners help balance the moisture of your skin and regulate your skin’s pH levels. Toners also act as a delivery system for toning acids, Vitamin B derivatives, and antioxidants. During the cleansing process, your skin will be exposed to a heavy imbalance of basic pH levels, you’ll need to use a toner to regulate this.
  5. Essence The beginning of the nourishing process of skin care starts with applying essences that help with skin hydration and cell turnover. Essences such as rice extract, birch juice, and hyaluronic acid are light and contain heavy amounts of hydrating, complexion-enhancing, and anti-aging ingredients. When applying essences, sprinkle them on your hands and lightly pat them on your face.
  6. Treatments Applying treatments help boost the recuperation of problem areas of the skin. The best acne treatment products in the Philippines can be sold as boosters, serums, and ampoules. These are the ultimate products to perfect the condition of your skin. If you have any acne problems, fine lines,  hyperpigmentation, treatment products with soybeans, tea tree extract, and vitamin C are the best to diminish these problem areas.
  7. Sheet Masks Applying sheet masks is vital in the process of a skin care routine. This step allows your skin to absorb the nutrients and moisture of the concentrated essence of the face mask. Popular face masks are made with green team, rose, and cucumber. Prolonged contact with face masks is recommended as this aids in helping your skin fully absorb the nutrients found in your face mask.
  8. Eye Cream This is a step in the skin care routine that one should never skip. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most delicate part of your face. The skin area around the eye is also susceptible to dark circles, wrinkles, and puffing. The best acne treatment products in the Philippines and the best eye cream can help hydrate your skin and prevent puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles.
  9. Moisturizer Applying your moisturizer after you’re done applying your eye cream is the start of the protective steps in your skin care routine. When it comes to moisturizing your skin, you can opt for many forms of moisturizing; using lotions, gels, cream, or sleeping masks. This helps seal moisture to ensure smooth and silky skin.
  10. Sunblock Applying sunblock lotion helps protect your skin from UV rays that could potentially damage and speed up the aging of your skin. Even if you plan on staying indoors all day, you should always put on sunscreen. This effectively prevents skin aging and skin cancer.

The Best Acne Treatment Products in the Philippines with Puritan’s Pride

If you’ve ever wondered why many ancient people, and men and women from the medieval and renaissance era look so good, it’s because they constantly take care of their skin. In modern times, we are constantly exposed to dozens of pollutants a day, that’s why our skin care routine involves roughly around 10 steps. If you’re looking for the best products to help boost your skin care routine, click here to view Puritan’s Pride’s item list!

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