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Top 6 Advantages of Giving Your Kids Fish Oil

Top 6 Advantages of Giving Your Kids Fish Oil

By Darlene Garcia |August 2019

What are the advantages of giving your kids fish oil?

  1. Gives Children Sufficient EPA and DHA
  2. Improves Children’s Performance in School
  3. Improves Reading, Learning, and Memory
  4. Boosts Healthy Immune Response
  5. Normalizes Brain and Central Nervous System Function
  6. Reduces ADHD Symptoms in Certain Children


Are you taking fish oil in the Philippines due to its Omega-3 rich properties?

Did you know that you could also give these to your children to improve brain functions?


Fish oil is made up of Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These play important roles in a child’s neurological and cognitive development. It also supports the normal function of cells throughout the body. Your child can get this by incorporating different types of fish into their diet or by taking fish oil supplements. It is said that fish oil can help improve your child’s performance in school by improving their reading, learning, and memory skills.


Interested in learning more about the effect of fish oil on children? Read on!


Gives Children Sufficient EPA and DHA

Gives Children Sufficient EPA and DHA

Fish oil supplements are consumed for its dosage of Omega-3. The 2 popular types of Omega-3 fats are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These are found in types of food such as fatty fish, chicken, and beef. It has been found that children who do not consume enough levels of EPA and DHA in their daily lives have difficulty regulating behavior and attention. It has also led to suboptimal cognitive performance as well as unhealthy immune response to environmental threats.

If your children are either allergic to seafood or are not big fans of it, considering putting them on fish oil supplements. This will ensure that they get the recommended daily dose of EPA and DHA in order to aid in their development in life and even in school.


Improves Children’s Performance in School

Omega-3 are fatty acids that feed the brain and maintain its health. It is crucial in the process of developing new cells, which is what helps produce the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. Studies on fish oil have shown that it has aided in the ability of children to focus more on schoolwork and other activities they may be doing in their day to day lives. This is the case if children get the recommended amount of Omega-3 in their everyday lives, which is approximately 2000mg of EPA and DHA a day.

Another reason as to how fish oil can aid a child’s performance in school is that it can help them focus better and improve their skills in reading, learning, and enhance their memory.


Improves Reading, Learning, and Memory

Improves Reading, Learning, and Memory

EPA and DHA are foundational nutrients that help in the development of structural and functional activities within cells. These are deemed necessary for normal growth and development in children. Studies have shown that children who get the recommended daily amount of these fatty acids showed improvement in reading, learning, and memorizing. These children have also shown improvement in cognitive skills such as in solving math equations.

Besides seeing improvement in terms of your children’s cognitive abilities, you will also see that fish oil boosts healthy immune response against negative foreign entities.


Boosts Healthy Immune Response

Are you the type of parent that constantly worries about your child catching an illness? Fish oil has been seen to promote a healthy immune response and respiratory wellness. Ingesting the right daily amount has been seen to boost the activity of a white blood cell that is vital in the body’s immune response against bacteria and illnesses. Ensure that your child is safe from contracting viral illnesses with the help of fish oil supplements.

Fish oil has also been shown to normalize brain and central nervous system functions.


Normalizes Brain and Central Nervous System Function

Normalizes Brain and Central Nervous System Function

EPA and DHA have been proven to have positive effects on the development of a child’s brain. These children were shown to have gotten higher scores in tests of intelligence and brain function. Fatty acids have also been shown to be crucial in the maintenance of normal brain function. They have been observed to preserve cell membrane health as well as promote the facilitation of communication between brain cells.

Fish oil and its fatty acids have also been proven to reduce ADHD symptoms in certain children.


Reduces ADHD Symptoms in Certain Children

Omega-3 fats have been shown to improve the function of neurotransmitters by helping manage psychological and behavioral conditions. In terms of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), it has been shown to decrease certain symptoms such as antisocial traits as well as impaired emotion processing.

These are just some of the advantages of giving your children fish oil. Take this into consideration when confirming with your doctor if they would recommend this supplement to your precious children.


Key Takeaway

Incorporate more Omega-3 in your child’s diet by allowing them to take fish oil supplements. Help aid their cognitive development for them to succeed in their school lives. Give them an advantage in terms of developing their reading, learning, and memory skills. Giving your child sufficient EPA and DHA will also give them a healthy immune response and will normalize their brain and central nervous system functions.

Puritan’s Pride Fish Oil in the Philippines come in two varieties: Fish Oil 1200mg Omega-3 600mg Double Strength 90 softgels and Fish Oil 1360mg with Active Omega-3 950 mg Triple Strength 60 Softgels. Give your children important vitamins and minerals they need with the aid of Puritan’s Pride.

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