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Thought Leaders: Sanity in Time of Quarantine with Ms. O

Thought Leaders: Sanity in Time of Quarantine with Ms. O

By Jedrick Gatpayat |May 2020

Compose yourself in this new normal with this webinar episode!

Let us discuss the new realities of working from home and how to create a conducive new “work environment.” While maintaining or keeping our stress levels low in order to achieve a new work/life balance with Miss O!

Ms. O is a Mental Health and Behavior Specialist, Empowerment Consultant and a Resource Speaker.

For more info about her, follow her on FB at Miss O and IG: @ms.oliviayao

This live show is presented to you by Puritan’s Pride Philippines. Puritan’s Pride is one of the leading supplement brands in the US for over 40 years. Take Puritan’s Pride health supplements and be your healthiest you for less.
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Video Published on: May 11, 2020 5PM

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