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Working From Home: Tips For Health and Productivity

Working From Home: Tips For Health and Productivity

By Darlene Garcia |April 2020


What are some tips to improve health and productivity when working from home?

  1. Designate A Workplace
  2. Stretch and Move Around
  3. Eat Regularly
  4. Load Up On Vitamins
  5. Get Enough Rest


Lifestyles are drastically changing as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the world. As individuals are required to stay home until the virus can be contained, many establishments are implementing work from home and online class policies. Although the same workloads and responsibilities are expected, a change in your surroundings may impact your health and productivity greatly. Here are a few work from home health tips to ensure that you are properly balancing both your success and well-being. These tips can also be applied to remote-workers and freelancers who want to keep their health in check. Read on for more!


Designate A Workplace

A man working from home in his living room

Your surroundings have the biggest impact on your productivity in these times. Switching surroundings from your home to the office has kept your home and work life separate. Working from home may be a challenge for some individuals because of their already established routine. If you find yourself having low productivity levels at this time, that is probably why. Because of this, you may want to recreate that office setting as much as possible by designating a work from home space. Wherever this area may be, it should be your go-to working spot every day.

Try to look for a space in your home that you are comfortable working in for at least eight hours a day. Find an area that can provide you with good lighting to boost your energy. Lastly, make sure that this space is well-organized and decluttered. Clutter can affect your ability to focus and make you less productive.


Stretch and Move Around

A woman stretching in her living room

Most people have been using this time to stay active in order to support their immune system. If you have time in the morning, try completing simple exercises to keep your body in motion. However, if your work limits you from doing a workout routine, it is important that you still move around to keep your blood flowing. One effective and simple way to do this is to stretch. Sitting on a chair for most of your day is terrible for your posture, and you are more limited to moving since you are isolated at home. Compensate for this by practicing certain stretches regularly during breaks or throughout the day.


Eat Regularly

A family eating well-balanced meal together

During the quarantine period, you might find it difficult to follow an eating schedule or you may feel lazier to hit the kitchen throughout the day. However, it is important now more than ever to stick to three meals a day along with a well-balanced diet. This is to keep your body strong against disease and bacteria. Ensure that you are sticking to regular mealtimes or planning and preparing meals in advance. Skipping meals can be a factor in your increasing stress and depleting health. Along the side, it is essentially important to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle beside you during work hours and make sure that you are drinking at least 5 glasses a day.


Load Up On Vitamins

Close up of a woman taking a Vitamin C supplement

We are all tempted to eat our favorite snacks and comfort food during this stressful time, but our nutrition should always be part of the equation. While it is currently a challenge to go out and pick up fresh produce, vitamins and supplements will maintain your body’s optimal health during this work from home situation. Here are some of the vitamins by Puritan’s Pride that you need to load up on right now:


Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to brittle bones, a weak immune system, and a negative toll on your mental health. Since we’re all deprived of sunlight during this period, finding another source of Vitamin D is necessary to lock in its benefits. Invest in Vitamin D3 Softgels from Puritan’s Pride today!


Fish Oil

Fish Oil is a supplement rich in omega-3 fatty acids, an important component in fighting inflammation, maintaining heart health, and improving overall brain function. These all contribute to productivity and a healthy lifestyle. Easily consume the right amount you need with Fish Oil Softgels from Puritan’s Pride!



Feeling more tired and sleepy lately? A good amount of magnesium through supplements will help in fighting fatigue. This supplement is also a great foundation for when you’re undergoing stressful and demanding times. It can also improve your sleep to give you a better rest to take on the next day. Order Magnesium Tablets from Puritan’s Pride now!


Get Enough Rest

A woman getting 7 hours of sleep

Making sure that your work gets done is important, but it is equally essential to take care of your physical and mental well being during work from home. Although it is tempting to watch one more episode of your favorite series after work hours, make sure that you are getting at least seven hours of sleep a day. If you are off from work, you can give yourself time to rest by practicing self-care. These will not only give you time to relax but it will also give you the energy to focus more the next day. Don’t overwork yourself!


Key Takeaway

Working from home during the community quarantine may be a challenging state for you, but we hope you can make the most out of it with these work from home health tips. It is more important than ever to take the necessary steps to keep ourselves healthy by loading up on vitamins.

To keep yourself strong during the pandemic, Puritan’s Pride is pleased to be of service. We can deliver supplements to your doorstep in Metro Manila or select areas nationwide. Stay safe, productive, and healthy during the quarantine with the help of quality supplements. Click here to start shopping!

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