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Health Blogs

Hands holding cut outs of kidneys

7 Tips To Maintain Kidney Health

April 2020

  How can you maintain kidney health? Have a healthy diet Take the necessary supplements . . . READ MORE

A woman doing yoga on the beach

4 Supplements That Boost Your Mood and Energy

April 2020

  What are the different supplements that help boost your mood and energy? Ashwagandha Standardized . . . READ MORE

Warning: Fake Puritan's Pride Health Supplements

Warning: Fake Puritan’s Puritan’s Pride Health Supplements

April 2020

Warning: Fake Puritan’s Pride health supplements are out there. Counterfeit products are dangerous and harmful . . . READ MORE

Fish oil capsules arranged in a heart

Best Vitamin & Supplement Pairings For Heart Health

April 2020

  What are the best vitamin & supplement pairings for heart health? Garlic + Fish . . . READ MORE

A healthy Asian woman smiling

Celebrating Women’s Month: Essential Supplements For Women’s Health

April 2020

  What are the essential supplements for women’s health? Folic Acid: for sexually active, pregnant, . . . READ MORE

5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

April 2020

Improving your immune system to have a healthy lifestyle is your first line of defense. . . . READ MORE

NOW OPEN | Select Metro Manila and Store Pickup Only

March 2020

Did you miss us? We miss you too. And we’re back to keep you healthy. . . . READ MORE

Temporarily Closed during Enhanced Community Quarantine

March 2020

To ensure the safety of our staff during the ENHANCED COMMUNITY QUARANTINE, we regret to . . . READ MORE

Watsons Stores with Puritan’s Pride

February 2020

Below is the list of Watsons stores nationwide where you can buy your favorite Puritan’s . . . READ MORE