8 Health Benefits of Grapeseed Extract

8 Health Benefits of Grapeseed Extract

Grapeseed extract, also called GSE, is primarily known as a skincare supplement. There’s no doubt that it does an excellent job at that, but did you know that the benefits of grapeseed extract extend far beyond the world of skincare? True to its name, grapeseed extract is made by taking grape seeds and subsequently drying and pulverizing them. GSE’s power chiefly comes from its impressive antioxidant content. It contains phenolic acids, flavonoids, oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes, and anthocyanins that protect against cellular damage, inflammation, and disease. There’s a lot to learn about GSE’s natural properties. Frankly, it boasts a promising array of health benefits that you might not want to miss. Whether you’re on the lookout for a supplement for skin health or an overall health upgrade, grapeseed extract supplements should be on your list.

8 Grapeseed Extract Benefits

Here are the eight ways grapeseed extract benefits your wellbeing.

1. Grapeseed extract helps fight oxidative damage.

Oxidation of bad (LDL) cholesterol can lead to all sorts of negative effects in the body, such as elevated bad cholesterol levels, heart disease risk, and fatty plaque buildup in the arteries. Grapeseed extract supplements have been shown to help combat LDL oxidation in both animals and humans. As a result, taking GSE may help you avoid developing the conditions mentioned above. Research found that GSE minimizes oxidative stress in humans by increasing antioxidant levels in the blood. According to another study, GSE tablets helped reduce LDL oxidation and may contribute to lower risks of developing arteriosclerosis. Meanwhile, a study involving healthy male smokers aged 50 and above showed that the polyphenols in GSE may help combat the oxidative stress brought by smoking. People who are set to undergo bypass surgery may also benefit from GSE’s antioxidant capabilities. In a study involving 87 surgery patients, it was found that taking GSE 24 hours before surgery led to a reduction in oxidative stress, which may translate to additional protection against further heart damage.

2. Grapeseed extract promotes smooth and supple skin.

If you’re into skincare, you’d know that antioxidants, right now, are having a well-deserved moment. As one of the most popular ingredients for skin health, antioxidants work hard to protect your cells from unsightly damage. This explains why antioxidants like Vitamin C and E have always been so popular among those who are looking to take extra care of their complexion. But did you know that the proanthocyanidins in grapeseed extract are known to have 20 times more antioxidant power than Vitamin E and 50 times more than Vitamin C? This makes grape seed extract one of the best supplements for skin care. Research suggests that GSE promotes healthy skin cells—leading to a healthier-looking and youthful complexion. What’s more, the proanthocyanidins in GSE have been found to help protect the skin from sun damage, which is the leading cause of aging and weakened skin. Taking oral supplements is a good way to harness the benefits of GSE for your skin. Interestingly, even topical application of GSE-containing creams has shown promising results. In one study, GSE-based cream was able to reduce hyperpigmentation, acne, and premature skin aging among healthy male volunteers.

3. It has anti-aging effects.

The flavonoids in GSE contribute to better collagen synthesis in the body. As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen acts as the supporting structure of the skin. Collagen is chiefly responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Without enough collagen, your skin will start to sag and wrinkle. Unfortunately, collagen synthesis naturally declines with age. Factors like smoking and sun exposure also contribute to lower collagen production. Regularly taking a grapeseed extract supplement is a great way to support collagen synthesis. Not only that, but the antioxidant content of GSE also helps fight premature skin aging from the inside out. As a result, you’re getting internal support as you fight wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and other signs of aging. Taking care of the fundamental building blocks of your skin’s structure is the key to a better anti-aging strategy. After all, topically-applied products like creams and lotions can only do so much.

4. Grapeseed extract may help reduce cancer risk.

Antioxidants such as flavonoids and proanthocyanidins found in grapeseed extract are associated with lower cancer risks. In lab studies, GSE’s antioxidant activity proved effective at inhibiting cancer cell lines. Furthermore, GSE has been found to help enhance the effects of chemotherapy in animal studies. A review published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer found that GSE can help protect against oxidative stress, combat liver toxicity, and support the effects of chemotherapy on cancerous cells while protecting normal cells and tissues from damage. Moreover, the same review found that cancer-induced damage was improved by supplementing with GSE or with proanthocyanidins in GSE in 40 out of 41 animal studies.

5. It promotes stronger bones and joints.

Flavonoids from GSE also support bone formation—thereby helping improve bone density and strength. In fact, animal studies show that whether your existing diet is normal, low-calcium, or high-calcium, your bones will likely benefit from taking GSE. In these cases, GSE supplementation increased mineral content, bone strength, and bone density. GSE’s potential as a supplement for arthritis has also been researched in several animal studies. Arthritis is a condition where joints develop tenderness and swelling—causing joint pain and stiffness to the sufferer. One study showed that grapeseed extract was able to reduce inflammation and bone destruction in mice with autoimmune arthritis. In another study, GSE significantly reduced cartilage loss, bony spurs and joint damage in osteoarthritic mice. All that being said, human studies to further investigate GSE’s benefits for bone health are still needed. However, the aforementioned animal studies undoubtedly show its potential.

6. Grapeseed extract supports brain health.

Research suggests that grapeseed extract may also help improve brain health and delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Regular flavonoid consumption is linked to a lower risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases, and GSE is a good source of these flavonoids. Flavonoids are thought to help support brain health through antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support. Another useful component of grape seed extract for brain health is gallic acid. Studies show that gallic acid can inhibit the formation of clusters of beta-amyloid proteins in animals. These clusters characterize certain brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, so natural compounds that can inhibit their formation are viewed as potential therapeutic options. Furthermore, the proanthocyanidins present in GSE have been shown to help prevent the loss of cognitive function associated with aging. Another study involving mice showed GSE’s potential in improving both short-term and long-term memory. Moving on to human studies, a study in 111 healthy, older adults found that immediate and delayed memory, as well as language and attention, improved after daily supplementation of 150 mg of GSE for 12 weeks.

7. It helps in wound healing.

Grapeseed extract’s benefits in wound healing are backed by animal and human studies. GSE was able to promote wound healing in rabbits as shown in a 2011 study. In addition, it was found that GSE can increase the rate of wound contraction and speed up epithelization, which is the process by which a barrier forms between a wound and the environment. In a human study, patients who have undergone surgery were given either a 2% GSE cream or a placebo. Those who used the GSE cream ended up with fully-healed wounds after 8 days on average, as opposed to 14 days for the placebo group. Although these studies explored the topical use of grape seed extract, oral supplementation with GSE is thought to contribute to wound healing, as well. This is because the proanthocyanidins in GSE are thought to be responsible for stimulating the release of growth factors on the skin. Taking GSE supplements helps the body get its needed dose of these proanthocyanidins.

8. Grapeseed extract can help lower blood pressure.

Several studies have shown GSE’s potential to lower blood pressure. In a 2016 study, 300 mg of grapeseed extract per day was administered to middle-aged adults with high blood pressure. The group who took GSE experienced a decrease in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure after six weeks. Moreover, a meta-analysis on the impact of GSE on blood pressure among subjects with hypertension or at a higher risk of high blood pressure showed similar results. According to the study, regularly taking 100 mg to 800 mg of GSE for 8 to 16 weeks produced the best results, as opposed to higher single doses of GSE. The same study suggests that GSE supplements for high blood pressure had the greatest impact on young to middle-aged subjects with obesity or other metabolic disorders.

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