Benefits of Fish Oil for the Skin

Benefits of Fish Oil for the Skin

What are the benefits of fish oil for the skin?

  1. Provides essential nutrients
  2. Sun protection
  3. Keeps your skin hydrated
  4. Fights wrinkles
Fish oil is one of the most popular supplements due to its wide variety of effects on overall health. Many who take fish oil have the goal of maintaining and even improving their skin health. With that being said, here are integral factors that you need to know about consuming fish oil and its various benefits for the skin:

Fish Oil Dosage

Your fish oil supplements will be composed of a variety of nutrients. Omega-3 alone is made up of a spectrum of many other nutrients, most importantly, polyunsaturated fatty acids, EPA and DHA. The effects of EPA and DHA are known to work wonders for the body. They are known as the two most important nutrients found in Omega-3 and fish oil. They are known to lower the triglyceride levels of the body, improve one’s mood, maintain blood pressure, combat mental health issues, and enhance the health of the skin. But the question that everyone raises is “how much fish oil is needed to enhance our health?” Adults should have a daily dosage of 2000 to 3000 milligrams of fish oil, that is a combined value of both EPA and DHA. This dose should be taken daily and consistently. With the combination of some omega-3 consumed from food, this should be enough for the effects to kick in within 8 to 12 weeks. To get the best results, it’s best to take a look at your fish oil or omega-3 supplement. Combine the total number of milligrams of EPA and DHA that are contained in your supplement. With that in mind, you can calculate how many capsules to take within a day. As long as you reach the 2000 to 3000-milligram requirement for both EPA and DHA, you’ll be sure to make the most out of your supplement.

Sun Protection

Sun Protection One of the well-known skin benefits of fish oil in the Philippines is its ability to protect the skin from the sun’s damaging effects. The presence of omega-3 found in the fatty acids contained in fish oil has the ability to combat the ultraviolet radiation of the sun’s rays. Fish oil supplements are known to carry one vital fatty acid, eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA, reduces the effects of sunburn and skin breaks from the sun. This is even prominent on a DNA level. Researchers have found that the long-term supplementation of EPA or taking fish oil supplements earlier in life or can enhance a person’s resistance against sun damage and skin cancer. The sun’s damage to the skin is a serious problem, especially in tropical countries. The sun and its damaging effects are responsible for over 90 percent of the changes in our skin. Over the course of time, our skin will go through a numerous change, the effects of the sun have some profound effects and will speed up the aging process of the skin and is responsible for dryness, wrinkles, brown spots, and other skin changing effects.

Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated may be a difficult feat in the tropics, as dozens of factors will be against your attempts to keep your skin healthy. With fish oil and its essential fats, omega-3, you can create an effective way to preserve the condition of your skin to keep it hydrated. High levels of omega-3 benefit the phospholipid bilayer by helping it retain and hold more water, which aids in keeping the skin moisturized. This results in softer skin cells, a younger looking appearance can be achieved with enough daily and consistent consumption. Hydrated skin keeps you looking young. This younger appearance is not the only benefit you’ll get from fish oil. As mentioned previously, omega-3 contained in fish oil consists of EPA; which plays a huge role in keeping your skin young-looking. The EPA helps boost collagen production which prevents your skin from sagging and blocks the release of enzymes which stems from sun damage.

Fights Wrinkles

Fights Wrinkles One of the main benefits of fish oil that lead many to consistently consume it is its ability to fight wrinkles. As you may know, skin cells change as we age. The appearance of our skin that we expose to the world was made deep inside our dermis. Around every 4 weeks, our skin pushes up new skin cells to the surface. The two layers of fat that make up the cell wall of the skin is called the phospholipid bilayer, this is responsible for giving our skin its healthy appearance. It is essential for us to constantly feed this with the nutrients it needs to make our skin pulp and in good physical shape. The harsh effects of the sun damage our skin and make it difficult for our skin to hold its healthy appearance. The EPA contained in fish oil helps our body produce collagen which not only combats saggy skin but wrinkles as well. By creating a protective barrier as the thinner skin cells reach the surface, your skin will retain its moisture and elasticity.

Key Takeaway

Your skin can benefit from the effects of fish oil supplements. Maintaining your skin’s youth is not only the essential effect of fish oil but keeping your skin healthy and prevent the harmful effects of the sun. There are many other benefits that you can obtain from fish oil, skin health is but one of many. If you need to purchase fish oil supplements, click here to view Puritan’s Pride’s products.