6 Benefits Of Magnesium

6 Benefits Of Magnesium

What are the benefits of magnesium?

  1. Reduces Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes
  2. Lower Blood Pressure
  3. Boosts Physical Performance
  4. Improves Moods
  5. Relieves Headaches
  6. Decreases PMS Symptoms
Magnesium is a mineral that plays a vital role in numerous chemical reactions in your body. It is involved in converting food into energy, contracting muscles, making your heartbeat steady, and keeping your immune system ready for viruses and bacteria. Even if you have an adequate diet, you might not be getting enough of this mineral in your body. If you’re interested in what magnesium can do for you, keep on reading for the benefits of magnesium!

Reduces Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a health condition wherein your body doesn’t respond to insulin as well as it used to—or doesn’t produce enough of it. Because it is a hormone responsible for regulating your glucose levels, this can lead to high blood sugar! People with type 2 diabetes are linked to having low levels of magnesium. It has an important role in how your body can properly regulate the sugar in your bloodstream. Because of this, supplementing with magnesium can help reduce insulin resistance. A 20-year study also showed that people that have a high magnesium intake have a low risk of diabetes.

Lower Blood Pressure Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure occurs when your blood exerts a high amount of force on your artery walls. If you have narrow arteries, you have a higher chance of having elevated readings. Because this condition doesn’t always produce symptoms, it can easily lead to serious stroke and heart attack problems. But did you know that magnesium can lower your blood pressure if you have mild hypertension? It is also used by doctors during treatment for congestive heart failure to reduce problems relating to an abnormal heart rhythm. Other than that, deficiency in this mineral can also increase your risk of cardiovascular problems.

Boosts Physical Performance

Are you experiencing exercise fatigue sooner than expected? If you easily feel tired during workouts, magnesium can boost your physical performance. This is because your body needs more magnesium when you’re exercising. It is responsible for getting rid of lactate which can cause fatigue. That’s why it can help you to improve physical activity—whether it be running, cycling, or swimming. This way, you can exert your best effort when you’re trying to keep physically active.

Improves Moods Improves Moods

If you’re feeling sad and down on some days, know that it is a common part of life. But if this happens on a regular basis, it is possible that you might have a mood disorder known as depression. This could affect your behavior and physical well-being. Some people have reported sleeping less, experience digestive problems, and also a reduced sexual desire. While the treatment for depression varies, magnesium can help reduce its symptoms and improve what you’re feeling. If you don’t have an adequate intake of this mineral, you also have a higher risk of depression. This is because magnesium has an important function in your brain function and mood.

Relieves Migraines

There are numerous types of headaches—migraines are one of them. If you’re experiencing this, you might have intense head pains combined with increased sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. The pain could be on one side of your head. If not treated, it can last between a few hours to a week. One of the treatments that could help is magnesium therapy. Other than helping you find relief, it can also prevent migraines in the future. This is because having low levels of this mineral is linked to people who have this headache. Being deficient in magnesium can affect how your blood vessels contract and how your neurotransmitters work—which are related to how migraines occur.

Decreases PMS Symptoms Decreases PMS Symptoms

Are you often experiencing headaches, bloating, and moodiness before your monthly period? Some women also experience cramping, irritability, fatigue, appetite changes, depression, anxiety, and sleep problems. If you do, then you might be having Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). This condition is fairly common, but you can do something about it—such as trying out magnesium supplements! This is because magnesium is effective in treating PMS. It can help reduce bloating, breast tenderness, weight gain, and moodiness. That’s why the next time you’re expecting your period, this might just help you improve your quality of life!

Key Takeaway

From reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes, lowering your blood pressure, boosting your physical performance, improving your mood, relieving your migraine, and decreasing your PMS symptoms—the benefits of magnesium are many! That’s why if you’re interested in this mineral, you can always check out the magnesium supplements by Puritan’s Pride. We have the Triple Magnesium Complex, Magnesium Citrate, High Potency Magnesium, Magnesium with Zinc, and more! Because their products are manufactured in the US, you can expect high-quality ingredients that can give you the best value for your money.