5 Best Sources Of Vitamin C

5 Best Sources Of Vitamin C

What are some good sources of vitamin C?

  1. Oranges
  2. Lemons
  3. Cranberries
  4. Wild Rosehips
  5. Supplements
If you have a weak immune system, your body will have a hard time fighting infections and viruses. This also means that you will likely catch the flu more often it will take longer for you to heal when you’re sick. That’s why if you want to boost your immunity, you need to consume vitamin c! It can encourage the production of white blood cells that fight disease-causing pathogens. If you’re interested in the different sources of vitamin C, keep on reading!


When you think of vitamin C, the first thing that might come to your mind is oranges. A medium-sized orange will give you at least 70 milligrams of vitamin C. If you’re looking for a sweeter alternative, mandarin oranges will be your best bet. They are smaller and easier to peel than regular oranges. However, because of their small size, they will deliver less vitamin C content.


Lemons Lemons are another kind of citrus fruit that can provide vitamin C to your diet. But because of their sour taste, you might not enjoy eating them on their own. That’s why they are popularly used in lemonade and as a garnish for salads, baked dishes, and cakes. Because citrus fruits are mostly acidic, remember to consume them in moderate amounts. Too much acid can erode tooth enamel and cause heartburn if you eat it with an empty stomach.


For other fruit alternatives, you can try cranberries! You might have heard that they’re good for the prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs). This is because they contain phytonutrients that prevent bacteria such as E.coli from attaching to your urinary tract and bladder lining. But did you know that cranberry also contains vitamin C? If you consume a cup of this fruit every day, you can reach 25% of your daily requirement for vitamin C. It can boost your immunity and reduce symptoms of cold and flu. However, cranberries are not as accessible as other fruits. Apart from that, it is also pricey.

Wild Rosehips

Wild Rosehips Did you know that the rose plant also produces a fruit that offers high vitamin C content? Wild rosehips are seed-filled bulbs that look similar to berries. The oil is commonly extracted and added to beauty products for its skin-nourishing effects. Two tablespoons of rosehips offer 75% of your daily requirement for vitamin C! It is also an antioxidant that can protect your skin barrier and combat oxidative stress.


There are some good reasons why supplements are a better choice for attaining vitamin C. For example, if you’re prone to heartburn, consuming citrus fruits might not be recommended for you. Other than that, it’s challenging to get affordable and fresh cranberries and wild rosehips in countries like the Philippines. Plus, health supplements are easier to consume. It’s perfect for adults who are always on the go! Fortunately, some of these food are available in supplement form! 500 mg of Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids and Rose Hips is available at Puritan’s Pride. You can also benefit from Cranberry Capsules for additional UTI-fighting properties! Depending on your needs, there are also multivitamins that contain this vitamin C while offering other essential vitamins and minerals! The ABC Plus also has other immune-boosting ingredients such as vitamin D and zinc. For kids, a supplement in gummy form is also available! This way, you and your whole family can stay on top of your health every day.

Key Takeaway

If you want to boost your immunity and stay on top of your health, always remember to take vitamin C. It does wonders for your body — especially when consumed daily! For the best sources of vitamin c, trust only in Puritan’s Pride! With high-quality ingredients and affordable prices, you will get your daily needs without breaking the bank. This way, you and your family will always have a strong immunity to fight off infections and viruses.