Comfy ways to get the sleep of your dreams.

Comfy ways to get the sleep of your dreams.

Getting tired of trying over and over to fall asleep, but ultimately, you can’t? You spend your nights tossing and turning until sunrise, and you’ve become deprived of sleep. Several factors that cause sleep deprivation may include lack of exercise and unhealthy diet. The ambience of your bedroom can dictate your sleep condition. Without proper rest, you’re constantly feeling fatigued and tend to be less focused. Puritan’s Pride Melatonin can support a good night’s sleep with a well-rested energy – the Power of Pahinga in your every comfy bedtime.

Make your dreams of sleeping better a reality. Adjust your lifestyle, ease your tiredness by living more comfy, leading to improved quality of rest. Take these comfy ways to get the sleep of your dreams through your habits, with a little aid from the very restful Melatonin.

Your bedroom must be conducive to sleep.

In today’s living approach, working from home is the norm. If you are, then you most probably have a workstation in your house, notably in your bedroom. This might distract you from being restful, seeing your computer and work desk from your bed. If you can’t move your workstation from your rest area, make your bed more comfortable by using softer sheets and posture-supportive mattress and pillows. Avoid doing work in bed or using devices, e.g. phone, laptop, tablet, before you sleep. Your brain may associate your bed with being active, therefore preventing you from resting. It’s cozier if you use darker curtains to shade the light from your windows when you sleep. Resting is about the ambience. And for that deeper restful feeling, reserve a spot in your routine for Puritan’s Pride Melatonin to help you sleep faster and longer.

Eat healthy. Sleep. Repeat.

From omnomnom to oh, mmmm-zzzz. What you eat and how much calibrates your sleep quality. Diet affects sleep through metabolism; this activity takes time and energy that your body requires, and if you eat before bed, you’ll be uncomfortable because your digestive system is working to absorb the food whilst you’re sleeping. Eat a few hours before bedtime to afford your biological functions some leeway to break down the food. Revamp your diet. Munch on more healthier foods such as veggies and fish to ease your body with nutrients. Maintaining a healthy weight is a way to get cozy sleep. The best way? Have the soothing support of Puritan’s Pride Melatonin for calmness and improved energy the day after.

Less caffeine, tuck yourself in.

Coffee, namely caffeine, can boost energy and focus which are also benefits you can have from Puritan’s Pride Melatonin, by the way. It’s surely okay to drink coffee in the morning for a kick to get you going. But refrain from consuming caffeine later in your day, it might energize you beyond your bedtime. Too much caffeine in your system hampers you from relaxing when you already need to rest. What you need is regular,  easy, and uninterrupted sleep. Drink coffee early, digest it throughout the day and metabolize, then ease down and tuck yourself in at night. A cozy dose of Melatonin will soothe you to sleep plus powers your energy when you wake up. Maybe cut down on your coffee, let Melatonin do the relaxing and the energizing.

Worry without the hurry.

There is unhealthy and healthy stress. *Shocked face on* The latter may include your everyday worries: work, chores, bills, etc. All of these become unhealthy when you overthink them right before your rest time. Worrying disrupts your schedule and crumbles your healthy routine. Sleep-life hack: insert your worry time in your schedule. It won’t disrupt your habit if it’s in your habit. After work or during your in-between hours, that’s the slot for you to think over your bills and other chores. Do this, and you’ll free the rest of your hours to unwind until you fall asleep. To help you rest easier, Puritan’s Pride Melatonin is formulated for quickly falling asleep into uninterrupted slumber. Keep resting, enjoy your de-stressing.


Shower to cool your nerves.

You can say your sleep quality has improved when you are relaxed when going to bed. Taking a shower is an effective calmer. The running water over your skin will soothe your nerves, and you will feel refreshed, helping you fall asleep faster. Just dipping your feet in hot water for 90 minutes will cool you down, if a full bath does not seem enticing to you on some nights. The refreshing sensation out of the bath is like a spell, you will be indulgently enchanted to sleep better. When’s the last time you had such a great rest? Have the sleep of your dreams with a shower and Puritan’s Pride Melatonin before you go to bed. This is the routine to soothe all routines.

Snap out of naps.

Power napping is just too good to say no to. Don’t lie. That short slumber charges spurts of energy in our system. But if you’re seeking longer dozes at night, you might want to snap out of your quickie sleepies and go catch eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Over-napping or going for a series of short slumbers will alter your schedule, specifically your circadian rhythm, and it may be harder to control your sleep cycle. Just be mindful of your naps. If we are to make a suggestion, nap for 20-30 minutes in the afternoon. Your next sleep must be your regular good night’s rest. For that, you’ll need the comfy aid of Puritan’s Pride Melatonin to cradle you to long-lasting sleep and a well-rested vibe. Longer sleep > naps. This is the way.

Dreaming of better sleep? How about cozily dreaming in your better sleep? Everyone wants that. You can have it through the Power of Pahinga. Puritan’s Pride Melatonin is your restful supplement for uninterrupted pahinga, powering you with improved energy when you wake. Comfy and healthy for sure. Buy Melatonin at select Watsons branches, LazMall, Shopee, MetroMart, GLife via GCash, and Cozy dreams, happy sleeps!