Energy Boosting Supplements

Always feeling tired, worn down, and sluggish? Or maybe you’re experiencing intense fatigue after exercise. While proper sleep, a well-balanced diet, and physical activity are some good ways to maintain your energy, you can also try energy-boosting supplements by Puritan’s Pride!

Natural Energy Boosters

Have you been overworking and pushing your body too far? Both physical and mental stress might be the reason why you lack energy. If that’s the case, you might want to try Ashwagandha by Puritan’s Pride! It is a medicinal herb that is rooted back in ancient Indian Ayurveda. This energy-boosting supplement can help improve your response to stress, which is one of the causes of fatigue. It also helps lower cortisol levels, the hormone your body produces when you’re stressed. Having high amounts of this is associated with anxiety and depression. Other than that, Ashwagandha can help you exercise longer and gain muscle strength!

Best Vitamins For Tiredness And Lack Of Energy

Looking for more options? Another energy-boosting supplement that can help you is L-Tyrosine by Puritan’s Pride! It is an amino acid that helps produce brain chemicals that affect your mood and response to stress. This supplement also helps increase mental alertness. You may also want to try Beetroot Extract by Puritan’s Pride! This supplement lets you reap all the benefits of beets in a convenient supplement. Beets are a phenomenal source of betaine anhydrous amino acid tryptophan — two chemicals that improve your mood. In addition, beetroots contain natural nitrates that expand the walls of blood vessels and increase their oxygen-carrying capabilities. Because of this, more oxygen uptake can be facilitated by your body. In fact, some athletes are advised to consume beetroot before exercise to increase their performance.

Best Energy Supplements

If you need help, Puritan’s Pride can provide you the best energy-boosting supplements. Vitamin B-12, L-Carnitine, CO Q-10, Ubiquinol, and more are also available here. Shop now!