Glow along with the heat, here’s why sunshine is essential like a treat.

Glow along with the heat, here’s why sunshine is essential like a treat.

Surely many can still remember their parents telling them to get sunlight, whether it’s on a school day or during weekends. It’s unsure back then why it’s so important for them to indulge oneself to heat. Time between eight and nine in the morning, they say, is where sunlight has the most nutrients to offer and spending around 30 minutes under the sun, the richer vitamins it supplements. As kids, it’s not a big of a problem for most to spend time under the strong sunlight. But now especially in the midst of the pandemic — where most people are enjoying the privilege of working remotely at the comforts of their home, it gets harder and harder for most to get sunlight knowing the risks and the possibility of contracting the virus. But here’s why it’s so important to expose ourselves to sunlight every now and then.

Sun’s light lightens up your mood!

We keep hearing from experts that too much UltraViolet exposure from the sun damages our skin, that being true though, the right amount of sunlight also benefits not only our skin but also our mental health. Research says that an ample amount of exposure to sunlight helps produce serotonin hormones that are associated with boosting our mood. We’re all aware of the stress this pandemic has brought to many people, and a little boost, natural boost I should say, from the sun would surely be a big help. Vitamin D3 is a type of Vitamin D that’s naturally produced by our body from sunlight absorption. As we age, our body’s ability to absorb Vitamin D slows down which may lead to bone density loss that causes bone related diseases like osteoporosis, and worse bone fractures. Being physically active does a lot of wonders for our mind and body, and keeping those bones strong is essential in achieving a healthier lifestyle.       

Better mood for better productivity.

Say it’s monday, generally the first day of work week, coming off a relaxing weekend heading straight over a busy week full of deadlines. To perform well, a mood boost is a must and how do we do that? Get sunlight. A brief 10 minutes under the sun does a lot more than just giving us a strong physical body, it also affects our minds giving us a positive mood that keeps us ready for a loaded week. Easier said than done, with working from home vastly becoming the norm during this pandemic, also means lesser time of going out for sun exposure, good thing Puritan’s Pride Vitamins D3 exists. Puritan’s Pride Vitamin D3 supplements 10mcg of Vitamin D that is equivalent to 400IU. Regular intake of Vitamin D3 provides as much nutrients you will get from sunlight if not more. Positivity and a good mood gives us the energy to perform well at work and even at school. Positivity starts within us and it translates to whatever we do, maintaining good energy will satisfy productivity.

Good sunlight helps you rest during sun down.

Yes it does, sunlight benefits go beyond providing healthy bones, good mood, and promoting a healthier mental health. The pandemic, especially in its earlier stages, has caused a lot of problems to most people mentally. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the worldwide crisis has caused an increase of 25% in anxiety and depression prevalence. The isolation, the lack of social interaction, and primarily the uncertainties about health has caused the most trigger. Study also shows that most people experience depression symptoms mostly during night time, and this tantamounts to lesser rest and lesser sleep. With sunlight exposure and regular intake of Puritan’s Pride Vitamins D3, the latter could be prevented. Being physically active uplifts our mood throughout the day that helps prevent depression and anxiety triggers hence giving you a calmer feeling heading over bedtime. We’ve talked about harnessing the power of pahinga with our Melatonin, in which case we also should not underestimate the power of  Vitamin D3. Replenish your body with D3 during day time, and get a sound sleep at night.

Break a sweat, it’s good for your health.

Relatively staying under the sun causes us to sweat without exerting any effort, but sunlight plus a bit of activity would help improve one’s health significantly. We’ve talked about the benefits of staying under the sun for a couple of minutes, partnered with exercise, it’s no question that the benefits one will get doubles up. Don’t get me wrong, too much exposure while exercising does damage caused by too much heat but with proper preparation prevents one from experiencing such. Hydration and regular water consumption will always be essential in everything we do, especially when physically active. According to research, we lose liters of water from our body in an hour, much more than we could consume. As sweat needs to be replaced, we have to make sure to hydrate ourselves with enough water before indulging in such activities.

Giving significant importance to one's health should always be the main goal, with or without the pandemic, choosing a better and healthier version of ourselves should always be the top priority. With the right mindset and attitude maintaining a healthy well-being can be achieved, provided with all the natural resources of nutrients like the sun, gives us a head start journeying to a healthier mind and body. Sunlight is everywhere, it’s up to ourselves to make sure we get enough exposure, it’s free and harmless if we do it right. If we have time to spend hours binge watching movies or series, I’m sure we’ll be able to allot 15-20 minutes of our time for sunlight. Easier said than done, but with the inclusion of regular intakes of Puritan’s Pride Vitamins D3 on your everyday routine, supplements the much needed Vitamin D3 we all need for healthier bones, skin, mental health and overall well-being.

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