What is Your Daily Dose?

What is Your Daily Dose?

With so many uncertainties ahead of us, proactively pursuing health every day should be your top priority. What you feed your body and mind—whether it’s a daily dose of vitamins or good vibes—matters for your health. Keep on reading for Puritan’s Pride daily dose of wellness from the experts! What’s Your Daily Dose is a health talk show with Camille Prats — one of the official brand ambassadors of Puritan Pride! It features health and wellness experts to give advice on how you can take care of your health every day. Around 30 lifestyle, health, and beauty media will also gather at the event. This was held online last July 25 via Facebook Live, so you can rewatch it anytime if you missed it.

Preventive Health: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

When it comes to taking care of one’s health, many Filipinos have become accustomed to being reactive. It’s either you start taking supplements after getting sick or become more concerned about your health if you’re diagnosed with a medical condition. But most Emergency Room visits can be prevented if you take a proactive stance when it comes to your health. During the media launch of Puritan’s Pride “What is Your Daily Dose” health talk show, you will get valuable advice from experts on how to boost and maintain a strong immunity to prevent diseases. With the help of supplements such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and more, you can strengthen your body’s defenses against viruses and bacteria that are rampant nowadays. The Puritan’s Pride media launch of “What Is Your Daily Dose” features Doctor Winlove Mojica, a medical and cosmetic dermatologist, and Doctor Michele Alignay, a family psychologist to share the importance of taking care of your overall health in many ways—including taking supplements and vitamins!

Health Is Every Day Health Is Every Day

A healthy body is one of the good things in life that takes time and effort. Achieving and maintaining physical and mental well-being requires consistency and the commitment to proactively take care of your health. It doesn’t happen overnight because #HealthIsEveryday. But with Puritan’s Pride supplements, you can make your health and wellness journey easier and smarter. You can view the recorded online talk show “What Is Your Daily Dose” so you can get credible information not just from doctors but also experienced panelists including Camille Prats about topics of proper nutrition, fitness, and a healthy diet with the help of vitamins! Aside from your physical health, you can’t forget the importance of your mental health. With different stress and anxiety triggers for everyone, your mental well-being can take a downward turn and cause problems for your body! This can cause eating, sleeping, and other problems. In the online talk show, you will learn how your immunity and physical health can play an important role in your mental wellness.

Find Something For Everyone

Every one of you has something that you want to achieve when it comes to health. It might be clearer skin, stronger immunity, a toned body, a healthier tummy, a happier disposition, and more. From proper nutrition, exercise, and relaxation—there are plenty of ways to reach your goals and one of them is choosing the right supplement brand. “What Is Your Daily Dose” by Puritan’s Pride explores the different ways you can take care of your health to achieve your goals. During the media launch, official ambassador Camille Prats and panelists such as Carlo Picoso, and Jo Sebastian shared their unique experiences and how they chose to prioritize their health needs. The specialization of Doctors Winlove Mojica and Michele Alignay will also help so you can get a perspective on different health problems you might have. Puritan Pride understands that you have unique health needs compared to other people. You can choose from countless supplements for immune health, weight loss, women’s health, men’s health, beauty, skin, kidney health, and more! With plenty of product choices, everyone will find something for themselves.

Key Takeaway

Puritan’s Pride daily dose of advice from the experts will help you realize how important it is to have a proactive perspective when it comes to your health. If you have a sound mind and body, you can enjoy life with your loved ones, reach your dreams, and do what your heart tells you. The good thing is, taking care of your health is easier to do every day with Puritan Pride! You will surely find something that will help you reach your health goals with countless supplements to choose from. “What Is Your Daily Dose” launched last June 25, 2021, at 3 PM via the Puritan’s Pride Philippines Facebook page. Get credible advice from medical experts so you can learn more about general, beauty, mental health, and more! Join Camille Prats and other panelists as they share relatable topics that will help you achieve your mind and body goals.