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What Is Soy Lecithin?

What is soy lecithin and how can it benefit your body?

  1. Lowers Cholesterol
  2. Improves Heart Health
  3. Supports Breastfeeding Mothers
  4. Improves Digestion
  5. Moisturizes Your Skin
  6. Used for Liver Health
  7. Prevents Gallstones
When you look at the list of ingredients on your food packaging, do you often see the term soy lecithin? Are you wondering what exactly it is and what it is used for? Soy lecithin is one of the most common food additives because it acts as a great emulsifier. Oil and water are almost impossible to mix, but soy lecithin can easily do the job. It can also prevent food from becoming sticky and difficult to handle. There are also a number of health benefits when it comes to soy lecithin. It can lower cholesterol, improve digestion, and prevent gallstones just to name a few. Besides getting it from the food that you eat, soy lecithin can also come in the form of a supplement. So, how else can soy lecithin benefit your body? Read on!

It Lowers Your Cholesterol

A nurse measuring a patient's blood pressure Saturated fat and trans fat can be found in your favorite commercially made snacks. Did you know that these two types of fat can increase your cholesterol levels? High cholesterol can lead to many complications such as heart attacks, stroke, and peripheral artery disease. Studies show that taking 500mg of soy lecithin daily for two months can reduce your cholesterol levels. This is due to the amount of protein that soy lecithin contains. The protein found within it releases nutrients that can reduce your cholesterol and that can help lower your blood pressure.

It Can Improve Your Heart Health

When it comes to improving your heart health, there are many things you should take into consideration. You can lessen the chance of heart complications by managing stress and through regular exercise. Incorporating supplements such as soy lecithin can also improve your cardiovascular health. This is especially the case if you are already at risk of developing high blood pressure. Since lecithin is known to be an emulsifier, it can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in your body and increase the levels of good cholesterol. Higher levels of good cholesterol are crucial to protecting and preventing you from heart attacks and strokes.

Supports Breastfeeding Mothers

An Asian mother breastfeeding her baby If you are a breastfeeding mom and have been experiencing clogged milk ducts in your breasts, you may want to include soy lecithin as a part of your supplements. The breasts of breastfeeding mothers contain ducts that help carry milk to the nipples. Blocked ducts are most likely to happen if a new mother does not drain the breast thoroughly. If not given immediate action, clogged ducts can eventually lead to mastitis, which is the inflammation of breast tissue. According to some studies, a dosage of soy lecithin four times a day may help resolve the problem. Soy lecithin can aid breastfeeding mothers by decreasing the viscosity of their milk and increasing its fatty acids.

Improves Your Digestion

Soy lecithin has been proven to help people with ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that damages the inner linings of your colon. Regular intake of this supplement can improve your digestive process and create a barrier to protect its lining. It can also decrease the inflammation caused by colitis. This supplement is a good recommendation for those who regularly encounter irritable bowel syndrome.

Moisturizes Skin

An Asian woman with clear skin Lecithin can be found in some of your skincare products. It is recognized to possess properties that can smoothen and restore the hydration of your skin. Individuals with acne and eczema can consider this as a natural approach to improving skin health. Lecithin also contains phospholipids. These repair the skin barrier, which helps promote skin health. It is perfect for hydrating the skin because it helps stabilize water loss on a natural level.

Liver Health

The liver plays a huge role in your body. It helps you store energy, digest food, and removes harmful impurities. Lecithin can strengthen liver cells by making the outer membranes strong and resistant to the flow of toxins. This can help prevent diseases associated with the organ. For those with liver problems, you may want to consider investing in this helpful supplement.

Prevents Gallstones

A young man clutching his stomach due to pain from gallstones Gallstones are a buildup of bile in your gallbladder. It can cause a blockage and result in life-threatening complications such as bile duct inflammation or gallbladder cancer. Studies have shown that taking a supplement like soy lecithin can minimize the risk of gallstones and other gallbladder problems. It is said to do this by reducing and dissolving the size of gallstones and bile. Certain researchers believe that this supplement can prevent gallstones from forming in your body by preventing the build-up of bad cholesterol in the gallbladder.

Key Takeaway

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is difficult due to the inaccessibility of healthy food, especially for people on-to-go. Bad eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to several complications and diseases. Using supplements will be able to boost your nutrient intake and your overall health. To help you achieve a healthy lifestyle, consider taking soy lecithin in addition to the supplements that you already take. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, this supplement can be beneficial for those who want to improve their overall health. Help protect your body against diseases with Soy Lecithin soft gels by Puritan’s Pride.