5 Best Supplements to Treat Your IBS

5 Best Supplements to Treat Your IBS

What are the best supplements to treat IBS?

  1. Fiber
  2. Probiotics
  3. Zinc
  4. Magnesium
  5. Oil of Oregano
Have you ever felt gassy or bloated? It’s truly an uncomfortable situation that most of us have experienced at one point or the other. For some, it can be extremely uncomfortable, even painful — an indicator of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

What is IBS?

IBS is a common condition concerning the digestive system. Millions of people across all ages are affected by it. IBS. It causes symptoms like bloating, excessive gas, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and constipation. These can come and go over time, flaring up for days, weeks, or even months. IBS can be a difficult condition; so you need remedies to help manage your gut-wrenching symptoms. Luckily, there are a few supplements for IBS that has the ability to reduce symptoms and prevent particularly harsh episodes. In this article, we list the six best options for you to control your digestive health. Read on!


Fiber is perhaps the most popular supplement for digestive health. It’s the first line of defense for many gut conditions, including IBS, and is especially effective against one of the main symptoms — constipation. There are two types of fiber you can get naturally. Soluble fiber, from food like oats and beans; and insoluble fiber, from wheat bran and vegetables. While both are needed for healthy digestion, fiber tolerance is different for each person. For example, food rich in insoluble fiber may worsen symptoms. As such, it’s highly recommended that you try taking fiber supplements like Puritan’s Pride Fiber Diet tablets.


Probiotics Probiotics are made up of “good” bacteria that provide nutrition for your digestive tract and helps restore balance to your gut microbiome. This delicate balance is needed to reduce inflammation and gas production and to regulate bowel movements, diminishing gassiness and bloating. Probiotics also helps achieve regular bowel activity. You can take probiotics in capsules — such as the Probiotic 10 — or food like aged cheese, kimchi, yogurt, and tempeh.


If you’re experiencing IBS, it may be a sign of nutrient deficiency. Your digestive system needs several minerals and vitamins, specifically Zinc, to function. Zinc plays an important role in our brain-gut axis, immune system, and in maintaining our gastrointestinal barrier integrity. Studies have shown that not meeting Zinc requirements can cause many gut problems which can lead to irritable bowel. Additionally, taking Zinc has many positive effects against not just IBS, but also other conditions linked to it: diarrhea, colitis, and leaky gut. Zinc Gluconate tablets from Puritan’s Pride can help ease these digestive woes.


Probiotics IBS can also be a result of a magnesium-deficient diet. Magnesium is significant to digestion as it supports the production of enzymes used to process food. This mineral directly affects the quality of your bowel movements, drawing water towards your intestines, softening and regulating the size of your stool. With good magnesium levels, your stools are likely easier to pass. If you struggle with this IBS symptom, add Puritan’s Pride Magnesium capsules to your diet.

Oil of Oregano

Inflammation in the digestive system — triggered by certain dairy or spicy dishes — can worsen your IBS symptoms. There are oils that can ease inflammation better than some vitamins and supplements. The Oil of Oregano pills from Puritan’s Pride is potent for easing your digestive tract due to its aphrodisiac and stress-relieving benefits. Aside from inflammation, other issues can exacerbate IBS symptoms, notably gut parasites. Oil of Oregano, packed with powerful antioxidants and antibiotics, can remove these pests from your system. One study showed how effective the supplement is: in a group of 14 people, all participants experienced a reduction of parasites, and 77% were cured after a 6-week trial.

Key Takeaway

If dealing with IBS, don’t lose hope. Take these supplements for IBS to alleviate your discomfort. Choosing the right treatments vastly improves your quality of life and even provide long-term solutions to your condition. Remember that taking new supplements should be discussed with your doctor to find the safest remedy for you. If you’re ready to make that lifestyle change, check out Puritan’s Pride’s selection of digestive supplements and treatments here.