A daughter giving her mom a mother's day gift

Mother’s Day Gifts: Supplements To Give Every Type Of Mom

What are supplements to give moms for Mother’s Day?

  1. First-Time Moms: Fenugreek, Iron, Fish Oil
  2. Moms Always On The Go: Multivitamins
  3. Ages 50 and Above: Black Cohosh & Calcium
  4. Healthy Moms: Fish Oil, Probiotics, Vitamin D
Did the global pandemic and stay at home orders test your creativity in this year’s Mother’s Day? Many of us weren’t able to treat our moms out for lunch or give her a day of pampering at a spa. And, it’s almost impossible to get a hold of the traditional gifts since non-essential businesses have been put on hold. This puts twice the pressure when it comes to choosing a Mother’s Day gift. If you’re looking for the best gift to give for this special day, consider these supplements for moms! Show your mother, grandmother, or your soon-to-be mom friend how much you value their health by giving them the gift of ultimate wellness through supplements. The best part? With Puritan’s Pride, these can be delivered straight to their doorstep!

First-Time Moms: Fenugreek, Iron, Fish Oil

A first time mom and her newborn Becoming a mother is an exciting time and a truly life-changing experience. Make sure the first-time mom is getting all the vitamins she needs for those long nights, busy days, and post-partum symptoms. Support the first-time mom in their breastfeeding journey by giving them Fenugreek Supplements by Puritan’s Pride to increase their milk supply naturally. After childbirth, a mom needs supplements to help her body recover. It is important that they invest in good iron sources such as Iron Supplements to keep up with those long nights and hard days towards recovery. Hormone levels tend to fluctuate after labor, and most moms experience what is often called the “baby blues”. These bring forth mood swings, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. It also often leads to what they call postpartum depression. To support postpartum emotions, gift them omega-3 fatty acids through Fish Oil Supplements to improve brain function and health.

Moms Always On The Go: Multivitamins

A mom and her son jogging If there’s anything a hardworking mom loves, it’s a multitasking product. Just imagine the daily routine of a mom that has a lot on her plate. While trying to balance her career, work, kids, household chores, and other responsibilities, “Me Time” may be close to impossible. Give her time for self-care and help her find a balance between daily responsibilities and staying healthy with the help of supplements. A great choice for busy moms with fast-paced lifestyles is multivitamin supplements! This provides a daily guarantee that their bodies are getting all the vitamins and minerals that they need. Women’s Multivitamins by Puritan’s Pride is formulated to improve daily lifestyles with over 20 essential vitamins and minerals for women’s health.

Ages 50 and Above: Black Cohosh & Calcium

An elderly mother and her daughter hugging As time passes, bodies change, and factors that are out of our control can affect our health. Once women turn 50, one of the concerns that arises is menopause. Hormonal levels shift and change as the body moves on from its childbearing years. Most women fear the daunting and challenging symptoms of menopause such as frequent hot flashes, night sweats, upset sleep, and stress. To help with this, gift your mom a supplement like Black Cohosh from Puritan’s Pride. It comes in handy to help ease the symptoms of hot flashes and contributes to better sleeping patterns. On top of that, aging will also turn your mom’s joints and bones weaker. Bone loss can become a serious problem once hormonal levels drop after menopause. Because of this, it is crucial for women to intake enough calcium. To fill the nutritional gap and to ensure that they are getting enough levels of calcium in their bodies, gift your mom with a Calcium Supplement from Puritan’s Pride!

Healthy Moms: Fish Oil, Probiotics, Vitamin D

A healthy mother making a salad while carrying her child If you are simply looking for a vitamin and supplement to make your mom healthier and stronger, we’ve listed down some Puritan’s Pride bestsellers that you can trust. This will definitely give you a bang for your buck in symptom relief and overall health improvement.
  • Probiotics are good bacteria that support immunity and digestion. It regulates weight, balances hormones, and maintains great gut health.
  • Vitamin D is also known as the “sunshine vitamin. It is important for strong bones, muscles, and overall health. If your mom spends a lot of time indoors, she will greatly benefit from a Vitamin D supplement.

Key Takeaway

The gift of wellness is the perfect package for your mom to receive, especially during the world’s current situation. It has brought forward the importance of taking care of our bodies. These supplements for moms are the perfect gift to send over this Mother’s Day. Order now to have these supplements by Puritan’s Pride delivered straight to your doorstep!