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Boost Productivity and Focus With Supplements For Students

What are supplements for students?

  1. Fish Oil For Overall Brain Health
  2. Resveratrol For Memory
  3. Ginseng For Stress
  4. Vitamin D3 For Concentration
  5. CoQ10 For Energy
  6. Melatonin For Adequate Sleep
Are you one of the many students who are about to enter the new school year? Things are far different from the usual as the new normal has caused students to continue education inside their homes until further notice. Due to the pandemic, it can be quite challenging at first to stay focused, keep productive, and be motivated since you are in the comfort of your own home. To help you navigate your way through the school year, pair your everyday routine with these six supplements for students by Puritan’s Pride! Take note that these supplements are only for those 18 years old and above.

Fish Oil For Overall Brain Health

If you’re looking for an overall boost, fish oil is the best pick. The omega-3 fatty acids that are packed in fish oil are linked to many health benefits. One of them being brain health. Fish Oil with Active Omega-3 from Puritan’s Pride is an abundant source of DHA and EPA. These play an essential role in your brain. DHA maintains its structure and function while EPA contains anti-inflammatory compounds that defend your brain against damage and aging. Consuming these will also improve thinking skills, memory, and reaction time. It has also been linked to improving moods.

Resveratrol For Memory

A college student trying to memorize her task Resveratrol Supplements can be of great help for you to ace exams, quizzes, and other activities that need extra memory power. Consuming resveratrol prevents the deterioration of an important part of the brain that is associated with memory, called the hippocampus. This is because it contains high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components. Additionally, resveratrol also sets off a chain of events in your brain that protects it from cell damage.

Ginseng For Stress

Overwhelmed with the number of tasks on your plate? Or maybe you’re getting frustrated over a project you have to submit? Regardless of what the situation is, stress is inevitable for students. You will be overwhelmed from time to time. But there is a way to lessen this! Ginseng Supplements by Puritan’s Pride is often commended for its anti-stress properties. It does this by stabilizing the nervous system response and improving cognition when your body undergoes high levels of stress. In addition, ginseng can also help give you a sharper mind!

Vitamin D3 For Concentration

An architecture student drafting a blueprint If your mind is steering away from the work you have to do, consider taking Vitamin D3 Supplements. It can boost your concentration levels by activating enzymes in the brain that are involved with neurotransmitter synthesis and nerve development. As a side note, since you’ll be staying more at home during this period, amping your body up with vitamin D is also a must. It is the “sunshine vitamin”, and without it, you can experience a vitamin D deficiency. Impaired brain or cognitive function is one of the risks linked to it.

CoQ10 For Energy

Having trouble getting up in the morning? Feeling unmotivated and less energetic to take on your tasks? Kick start your day and maintain energy levels with COQ10 Supplements. This supplement is much needed in your body because it helps generate energy in your cells. Your body produces this naturally, but you can easily give it a boost by consuming supplements. You can take a soft gel 1 to 4 times daily with meals.

Melatonin For Adequate Sleep

An student getting enough sleep At the end of each and every day, adequate sleep and rest are essential. When you are sleep-deprived, it will be hard for you to focus your attention optimally in your daily tasks. This will slow down your learning efficiency and productivity as sleep is essential for learning new information. Less sleep also means more feelings of tiredness and laziness within the day. A Melatonin Supplement can help you with this. Melatonin has long been used for its sleep-inducing and relaxation properties. It does this by optimizing your body’s internal body clock. With a dose of this before bedtime, you can fall asleep earlier, experience better sleep, and be ready to take on the next day.

Key Takeaway

Starting a new school year at home? We understand how it can impose challenges. This is why Puritan’s Pride is here to give you a helping hand with our supplements for students! The best part? These supplements are healthy choices! They consist of vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, and more. You won’t only be boosting motivation, you will also be staying on top of your health!