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Skin Cancer Awareness Month: 4 Best Supplements and Vitamins For Healthy Skin

What are supplements for healthy skin?

  1. Vitamin E: Reduces UV Damage
  2. Vitamin D: Treats Skin Diseases and Concerns
  3. Biotin: Improves Overall Skin Health
  4. Zinc: Lessens Acne
Warmer and hotter days are here because of the summer season. Are you looking forward to getting out and about after the quarantine? As much as you love the bright outdoors, it is equally important for you to know how to protect your skin from the sun. Now is an excellent time to talk about skin health and protection because May is also Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Read on to learn about keeping your skin at its best with supplements for healthy skin! Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Over 2 to 3 million non-melanoma and 132,000 melanoma skin cancers are diagnosed globally each year. Regardless of age, skin color, and genetics, anyone can be at risk for this type of cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers are caused by exposure to UV rays from the sun. So, you may want to think twice before skipping your sunblock. On top of that, UV radiation doesn’t only put you at greater risk of skin cancer. It also causes wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, dry skin, and more. Luckily, skin cancer is preventable with a thorough approach. Although sunblock is essential, internal skincare should also be a part of your health regimen! You’ll be happy to know that while you are on the journey to keeping your skin healthy, you are also getting naturally younger-looking skin and a glowing complexion. Read on to find out which supplements by Puritan’s Pride will help you get healthy skin!

Vitamin E: Reduces UV Damage

A woman in the beach with sunscreen on You may think that sunblock is the only thing that can shield you from the sun. However, a daily dose of Vitamin E by Puritan’s Pride is also beneficial for reducing UV damage to the skin. It does this by absorbing ultraviolet B-rays (UVB), which is the damaging light from the sun. UVB is responsible for sunburns and aging skin. On top of that, Vitamin E also fights the effects of aging by neutralizing the free radicals that form when your skin is exposed to smoke and air pollution. This is why Vitamin E is a common ingredient in most of the anti-aging treatment products on the market today. Pair this supplement with your sunblock and you’ll surely be getting extra protection daily. It does wonders for your skin inside and out!

Vitamin D: Treats Skin Diseases and Concerns

A man with eczema scratching his body Sun exposure can have positive effects on your health too! It enhances your mood, relieves stress, and improves sleep. However, too much exposure under the sun can also lead to skin damage. So, how can you go about this? Vitamin D is the answer. Vitamin D is popularly known as “the sunshine vitamin” because, when consumed, it generates the vitamins you need in response to sunlight. It has been used by on-the-go individuals who want to get that boost of vitamin D without damaging their skin. Consuming Vitamin D by Puritan’s Pride has also helped people with psoriasis, ichthyosis, and eczema, diseases that are linked to low vitamin D levels.

Biotin: Improves Overall Skin Health

A woman with overall good skin health Want to look glowing and youthful every day? Biotin can help you achieve that. Biotin, under the Vitamin B family, produces fatty acids that are essential for the skin to maintain a clear complexion. Battling dry skin? Biotin can also help you with this as it helps when the outer layer of the skin is unbalanced. If you are looking for beauty AND skin health benefits, Biotin by Puritan’s Pride is the best pick for you. The best part is? Your hair and nails benefit from this too!

Zinc: Lessens Acne

A girl looking at her acne in a mirror Pesky pimples and breakouts? Everyone despises it. Fortunately, Zinc is here to take care of that. Your body needs this essential nutrient. It protects your immune system and reduces illness. But, aside from these benefits, Zinc supplements are one of the most extensively studied methods of acne treatment. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Zinc by Puritan’s Pride can relieve the redness and irritation caused by mild to severe acne. It may even help you with diminishing acne scars! It has also been used for skin conditions such as melasma, rosacea, and eczema. One excellent feature of Zinc For Acne by Puritan’s Pride is that it contains Vitamins A, C, E, and B-6 to further promote healthy skin cells!

Key Takeaway

In conjunction with Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve collected the 4 best supplements for healthy skin by Puritan’s Pride. Aside from wearing sunblock daily, keeping your skin healthy from the inside will give you more protection from skin cancer and other diseases. Give your skin health a great boost with these supplements!