6 Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency

6 Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency

What are the signs and symptoms of vitamin C deficiency?

  1. Slow wound recuperation
  2. Bleeding gums and nose
  3. Unexplained weight gain
  4. Unhealthy skin
  5. Easily tired
  6. Weak immune system
Your body cannot store vitamin C, taking it every day is necessary to prevent deficiency. The best local vitamin C allows you to receive your daily essential nutrients. You might be wondering if you are consuming enough vitamin C. To help you answer that, we gathered six of the often-ignored but obvious signs that your body is deprived of vitamin C.

Slow wound recuperation

Slow wound recuperation Collagen is a protein that aids in the body's healing process. It repairs the tissues under the damaged skin and restores it close to its original state. As levels of vitamin C in the blood and tissue decrease due to wounds and skin abrasion, an increase of vitamin C intake is necessary to maximize collagen production. If you are low on vitamin C, your wounds tend to heal slowly. Vitamin C also aids a type of white blood cell that fends off infection. It is called neutrophils. Without vitamin C, neutrophils do not give as much protection as they would if there was enough vitamin C.

Bleeding gums and nose

Poor dental health is a sign that you have vitamin C deficiency. Low levels of vitamin C in the body translates to poor levels of collagen formation, which results in bleeding gums. Gums that continuously bleed suffer from swollen gums and eventually translate to tooth loss. Despite brushing your teeth and gargling mouthwash several times a day, gums that do not have enough collagen will still bleed and hurt.

Unexplained weight gain

Unexplained weight gain Vitamin C is said to play a role in how efficient the body can burn fats. There is a link found between low levels of vitamin C and high amounts of body fat. If you are not making any effort to gain weight, vitamin C deficiency can be the reason behind it.

Unhealthy skin

Dry, rough, and bumpy skin are symptoms of vitamin c deficiency. Collagen is a protein abundant in connective tissues such as the skin, hair, joints, bones, and blood vessels. A skin issue called keratosis pilaris occurs due to lack of vitamin c in the body. It develops over time if unchecked and could cause serious damage to the skin and blood vessels. Chicken skin is a lighter skin condition which can be caused by vitamin C deficiency. This causes the skin to be bumpy. While other people are born with chicken skin, it is not normal to be born with smooth skin that turned into chicken skin.

Easily tired

Easily tired Your physical well-being affects the sharpness of your mind. Having low levels of vitamin C can make you feel tired or constantly fatigued. Moreover, an incomplete task caused by lack of energy causes a person to be easily irritated. Fatigue and burnout can easily be resolved by an adequate intake of vitamin C. It is proven that drinking acai berry supplements can restore energy to the person in approximately two hours.

Weak immune system

If you lack vitamin C in your body, you are more susceptible to ailments. You can be an easy target of illnesses such as colds, cough, and fever if you lack vitamin C in your system. Vitamin C aids your immune system towards recuperation and prevention of illnesses. There is proven evidence that vitamin C guards your immune system so much that it prevents you from being susceptible to pneumonia and bladder infections.

Key Takeaway

Symptoms of deficiency are often caused by impairments in collagen production. Get immunity from illnesses caused by lack of vitamin C in your system and allow your body to efficiently produce collagen by taking the best local vitamin C daily to suffice your body's requirements.