Vitamins and Supplements for Diabetes Philippines

If you have diabetes, knowing how to manage your blood sugar is extremely important. You need to modify your diet and eat the right amounts of food at the right time. This will also help you prevent further complications such as kidney disease, vision loss, and heart disease. Along with making adjustments to your diet, you can also try out vitamins and supplements for diabetes in the Philippines by Puritan’s Pride! Keep reading to learn more.

Food Supplements For Diabetes In The Philippines

If you’re a diabetic, one of the complications that could occur is diabetic neuropathy. Having high amounts of blood sugar for prolonged periods can lead to nerve damage and cause pain. One of the supplements that are beneficial for diabetics is Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) by Puritan’s Pride. It is an antioxidant that can improve nerve function and can ease the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. It can also lower your risk of eye damage, which can occur due to diabetic retinopathy.

Best Supplements For Diabetes

One of the side effects of taking metformin, a medication for type 2 diabetes, is having low levels of vitamin B-12. This nutrient plays an important role in your nervous system and blood cells. If you don’t have enough vitamin B-12, you will feel tired, weak, and constipated. It can also lead to serious problems, such as anemia and peripheral neuropathy. To ensure that you have enough vitamin B-12 every day, purchase vitamin B-12 caplets by Puritan’s Pride!

Best Multivitamin Brand For Diabetics

If you’re interested in vitamins and supplements for Diabetes in the Philippines, make sure to consult your doctor if you are taking diabetes medication. Made with only high-quality ingredients, Puritan’s Pride supplements are affordable and available online. Have it delivered directly to your doorstep!