5 Proven Ways to Improve Overall Health for 2022

5 Proven Ways to Improve Overall Health for 2022

What are ways to improve overall health for the new year?

  1. De-stress
  2. Go to bed early
  3. Stretch it out
  4. Get screened regularly
  5. Take a multivitamin
When we think about ways to improve overall health, our mind goes to self-care tools and treatments. But improving your wellbeing doesn’t have to be as complicated or frivolous as you think. Adopting simple habits are some of the best ways to improve overall health. They're easy to fit into your life and avoid any unrealistic goals (like cutting out entire food groups or never touching alcohol again). Interested in turning over a new leaf this 2022? Here’s how to improve your health through five simple strategies:


Nowadays, stress is inevitable. But, you should control and address the stress you accumulate daily. Left unchecked, stress will take a toll on your body, putting you at risk of:
  • Chronic headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Heartburn or chest pain
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar
  • Tense muscles
  • Weakened immune system
So although it’s impossible to avoid stress, there are many ways to improve your overall health and wellness. Mindfulness, journaling, and other activities can help ease stress after a stressful day. And, taking adaptogens — like our Ashwagandha Standardized Extract — can provide an incredible soothing effect.

Go to bed early

Go to bed early “Sleep more” — sounds like an obvious way to improve overall health. But most people don’t even get the recommended 7 hours of rest. If you’re one of these people, take Puritan’s Pride Melatonin to ensure you get enough sleep. This is needed to heal and restore our bodies — our cells get all the energy they need to function well through restorative sleep. Without enough hours, you will struggle with physical and mental activity. Lack of sleep is dangerous — it’s correlated to heart attacks and strokes. Even people at the peak of their health (exercise- and diet-wise) are at risk when they’re sleep-deprived.

Stretch it out

It’s easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle nowadays. But, regularly stretching and adjusting your posture are easy ways to improve overall health. They help you avoid injuries, stay limber, and have a good range of movement even in old age. If you’re working at home, take a few minutes to stand up from your desk and stretch it out a few times each day; this should relieve tension and stress. Next, check your posture. Keep a straight back while seated and invest in ergonomic equipment — like a new monitor and keyboard. Following these simple ways to improve overall health can help you avoid back pain and fatigue. But if you find your joints and muscles are especially sore, take our Collagen caplets. Collagen makes up most of our joints and tissue, so taking these will help you improve your mobility and flexibility.

Get screened regularly

Get screened regularly One of the best ways to improve overall health and avoid serious illness is to keep up with routine health exams. Regularly seeing your doctors and undergoing tests can help you get diagnosed early, which gives you more time to find effective treatment. Tests you should get include blood pressure screening, cholesterol and blood glucose checks, and cancer screening. Women should also get pap smears, mammograms, and bone density screenings. These screenings will reveal any issues you should keep an eye on. For example, if your cholesterol levels are high, you could counteract this with Garlic Extract tablets. Or, if you have high blood sugar levels, you could treat it with Cinnamon Complex with High Potency Chromium supplements. Identifying these problems early and acting immediately is a good way to improve overall health.

Take a multivitamin

If your diet is well-balanced, you might not think you need additional support. However, millions of adults in the US alone need multivitamins. This is because certain groups are at higher risk of nutrient deficiency.
  • Older adults — difficulty eating, medications that cause unpleasant taste changes, depression, and other factors that can influence appetite. The elderly also have trouble absorbing certain nutrients from food.
  • Pregnant women — need more nutrients to support their baby’s growth. In particular, they tend to lack folate, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and DHA.
  • Malabsorption conditions — any digestive condition can affect your nutrition. For example, ulcerative colitis prevents proper absorption of vitamin D and calcium.
  • Alcohol consumption — causes deficiencies in vitamin A, C, D, E, K, and B vitamins.
  • Medications — Certain drugs can deplete the body’s storage of vitamins and minerals. For example, diuretics for blood pressure can reduce levels of magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Medicine for acid reflux and heartburn can inhibit vitamin B12, calcium, and magnesium.
If you fall under one or more of these categories, taking a multivitamin is an effective way to improve overall health. Puritan’s Pride’s ABC Plus Multivitamin and Multi-Mineral Formula supplements offer a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for a healthier body.

Soak in some sun

Scientifically, sunshine has a lot of benefits for our bodies — regular sun exposure is an easy yet effective way to improve overall health. The main benefit is that it gives us vitamin D, which we can’t make on our own. To get enough vitamin D, spend some time in sunlight. But, if you can’t make time to soak up some sun — take our vitamin D supplements. They contain all the vitamin D you need for a healthy body. Vitamin D is crucial for our well-being. It supports our brain and immune systems; promotes healthy bones and teeth; is used in lung and cardiovascular functions; regulates our insulin levels. Lack of vitamin D can lead to several problems: a weakened immune system, brittle bones, depression, and more. Studies even show vitamin D deficiency leads to a shorter lifespan.

Key Takeaway

Improving your body's condition doesn’t have to be complicated — simple lifestyle changes and consistent effort can make a big impact. So, try our suggestions on ways you can improve your overall health, and prepare your body for the new year!