Workout Plus Other Tips For Healthy Weight Management

Workout Plus Other Tips For Healthy Weight Management

You might have encountered this age-old question too many times: is working out enough to achieve a healthy weight? Endless scrolling through the internet and relentlessly asking your gym friends, and still the answer does not seem to come to you. Well, the answer you might be looking for is a resounding 'with correct diet' and some nourishment from supplements, particularly Puritan's Pride – premium, authentic US-made with quality ingredients -- one of which is L-Carnitine for weight management support, helping metabolism and muscle recovery.


Go to the gym like Anytime Fitness and exercise. Stretch your body, work your muscles, shed some excess mass. But your weight goals will be within your reach when you follow a wellness regimen complete with nurturing effects. Workout and do these tips to manage a healthy weight, then you can say, "Thank u *flexed*."

Eat healthy meals.

Yes, you're doing yoga. Also you're running, piling push-ups and crunches with some servings of dumbell-lifting. These exercises could sculpt your physique, still your weight may not reach the pounds you desire. As important as sweating it out, your food intake contributes to your body mass. Your diet is directly related to the weight you want to achieve since calories factor in weight preservation, loss, and gain (which we will talk about later).


Eat at least three meals per day. And it should include nutritious food, those named Go, Grow, and Glow. Specifically, eat leafy greens and carrots, eggs, and salmon because these are healthy. To support your diet, take Puritan's Pride Apple Cider Vinegar – a supplement to help your metabolism, assisting in managing weight. Working out and eating go hand in hand, with nourishment and discipline.

Watch your calories.

When you go to the gym, maybe the idea you have on managing weight is to burn calories. It’s not automatically about reducing calorie count though. If you are keen on maintaining weight, then you must shed the same amount of calories as you eat or drink. On the other hand, should you be targeting losing weight, you must burn more calories. And if you are focused on gaining weight, you must burn fewer calories than you intake. The key is watching your calorie count with the food you eat and drink.


To help you control your calories and fat, Puritan’s Pride Green Tea Standardized Extract can spot you. Included in its benefits is weight management support and faster fat burn plus assists in burning calories. Just watch your diet and take Green Tea, and you can maintain a healthy weight with regular workout, especially if you have a membership at Anytime Fitness.


Try to be as physically active as you can.

Ah, the “workout and you’ll be healthy” suggestion. You may have heard a friend or co-worker tell you to just sweat it out, but you have to know how much physical activity your body needs for your target weight. For maintaining weight, 150 minutes of moderate intensity workout should be enough. Shedding weight requires vigorous workout to burn excess mass, also, you need to reduce the amount of calories in your diet. For comparison, an average 150-pound person can burn 145 calories during moderate level bicycling and 110 calories during moderate weightlifting, in 30 minutes respectively. At vigorous level, an average 150-pound person can shed 295 calories when bicycling and 440 calories when weightlifting, for 30 minutes and an hour of physical activity, respectively. Yet it’s best to consult your trainer when you visit Anytime Fitness to learn the correct activity, intensity, and workout plan for managing your weight.

Being physically active, aside from weight maintenance, can keep your cardiovascular system healthy. For added support, Puritan’s Pride Fish Oil can help control blood pressure, manage good cholesterol, reduce risk of heart disease, and aids in keeping your heart well. Get active, get healthy for better weight and cardiovascular health.


Visit your doctor regularly.

While you may be visiting the gym on the daily, keeping fit is best achieved with guidance from the doctor. Working out will help your body be stronger, though a healthy weight is more than just pumping iron and squats. You can ask your trainer for activities that are right for your weight management. Conversely, consult your doctor so they can tell you if you’re healthy enough to do these exercises and to keep your health in check, so you can continue being physically active. If you are experiencing health difficulties like dizziness, shortness of breath or chest pressure, you should go to the physician before engaging in fitness activities or any tasks involving physicality. If you are older, some physical activities may be harder to do, thus the doctor could determine whether or not a certain exercise is right for your age and condition.


More so, during your exercise, Puritan’s Pride Calcium Magnesium Zinc can support your body’s wellness to help ensure you are fit through your regimen. Besides supporting your immune system, Calcium Magnesium Zinc also helps supply minerals that your body needs through its highly-bioavailable chelated formula. Plus, this premium supplement assists in improving bone density with muscle and joint support. Puritan’s Pride is with you through your weight management routine en route to fitness.

 Rest after exercise.

Working out without breaks can strain your body. Sure, continuously perspiring at the gym may shave off the pounds through your sweat glands, yet your weight might not be at a healthy level. Rest post-workout, it lets you recover your energy, therefore your body would not need to put in unnecessary effort.


During rest, you can rely on Puritan's Pride L-Carnitine. Supporting metabolism as well plus it aids in muscle recovery. Your weight is managed healthily. Workouts work best when you know your limit, and it's better to have a dependable supplement to preserve your body mass just as it's supposed to.


Healthy weight management takes consistency, discipline, and care which Puritan’s Pride can provide through premium supplements, especially L-Carnitine, to help you achieve your weight goals while nourishing your body for overall fitness. Shop these essentials at Watsons, LazMall, Shopee, MetroMart, GLife, and Go workout with nurture from Puritan’s Pride! Rooting for you on your weight management journey!