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Calcium Supplements Philippines

Since we were children, milk has always been essential for our nutrition. It is vital for building strong bones, teeth, and muscles. At any age, bone health will always be important. As you progress through life and are exposed to more food options, your calcium levels should always be intact and valued. Restore your body’s bone health by consuming the right amount of calcium daily through calcium supplements in the Philippines by Puritan’s Pride.

Calcium Carbonate in the Philippines

Calcium carbonate is commonly taken when individuals don’t consume enough calcium in their diets. Besides its bone-strengthening properties, calcium carbonate is incorporated in people’s supplement intake for concerns such as heartburn, upset stomachs, and indigestion. This is because the mineral can lower the amount of acid in the stomach. 

Calcium Ascorbate in the Philippines

Calcium ascorbate is a form of vitamin C that is used to treat vitamin C deficiency. Calcium and vitamin C are vital components for your overall health. They work hand-in-hand to build, maintain, and prevent the break down of your bones. This is why it is essential to take a combination of the two as part of your daily supplement intake. These two together can work wonders for your body as it can greatly regulate your heartbeat, tone your muscles, and improve nerve conduction. 

The Best Calcium Supplement in the Philippines

You’d likely want a balance of all the essential minerals that your body needs to perform essential day-to-day tasks. Keep all your functions in tip-top shape with the help of Calcium Magnesium Zinc supplements by Puritan’s Pride. To maintain healthy bones, invest in Absorbable Calcium plus Magnesium & Vitamin D Softgels by Puritan’s Pride. It is formulated with a balance of the three best minerals to help give you the best bone strength and density that your body needs.