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Cinnamon Supplement Philippines

Cinnamon is commonly known as a delicious spice added to your favorite desserts and drinks. However, beyond its flavor, did you know that it holds excellent advantages to your health? In fact, it is one of the top superfoods out there! When you consume a cinnamon supplement in the Philippines, your body is offered all the good stuff that you can’t find elsewhere! Continue reading to learn more. 

Cinnamon Supplement Dosage

With just 500mg of a cinnamon supplement in the Philippines daily, you are offered an instant boost in health. This means a stronger immune system, less inflammation, prevention of heart disease, great brain health, and much more. Puritan’s Pride also offers a 100mg variant with infused high potency chromium for unparalleled effectiveness!

Cinnamon Supplement Benefits

Let’s take a look at the outstanding benefits of a cinnamon supplement in the Philippines. Since cinnamon is a superfood, it is packed with antioxidants. In fact, cinnamon contains large amounts of potent and powerful antioxidants like polyphenols. Your body already improves with this substance alone! You get to give your body that extra barrier to fight off diseases. Apart from this, cinnamon also decreases your risk of getting heart diseases by lowering down your bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Moreover, it also helps fight fungal infection and keeps your brain healthier. 

Cinnamon Supplement for Diabetes

One of the most popular benefits of cinnamon is its anti-diabetic or diabetes-maintaining element. It is well known to lower down the blood sugar and decrease the levels of glucose that enter the bloodstream after every meal. It keeps your metabolism running as well! Beyond this, it is also great for diabetics to help them live a healthy lifestyle.