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Corporate Social Responsibility

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As part of Alphacommerce Corporation’s social responsibility to their community, and in line with United Nations Development Programme: Social Development Goals #3 “Good Health and Well-Being”, we were called to help ensure healthy lives and promote well-being in the best way we can.

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Improving your immune system to have a healthy lifestyle is your first line of defense. Taking care of your immune system will help protect your body from harmful substances, germs, and viruses that could make you ill. Without a healthy immune system, harmful things like disease-causing germs, like bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungi may enter your body with no way to fight it.

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With health workers being in the frontlines, we hope to strengthen their immune health with the essential vitamins to fight off any viruses especially in this time of pandemic.

Pateros LGU and Barangays

On September 10, 2020 with the help of the Mayor of Pateros, Mayor Ike Ponce, we were able to reach out to the 10 barangays of the Municipality by donating Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D3 worth over ₱150,000 as well as starting a Workout At Home Live Show. These initiatives are to encourage the community, both internally and externally, to take care of their bodies and strengthen their immune health against the ongoing pandemic.

Watch this short video below

Rizal Medical Center

This year, with the onset of the pandemic, we started the initiative by providing vitamins to our local community. We are glad to have had the opportunity to donate to Rizal Medical Center earlier this year with Fish Oil and food packs worth over ₱90,000. This is but a small act of appreciation and encouragement to our brave health and medical workers.