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Potassium Gluconate Philippines

You’ve probably grown up knowing that bananas are great for supplying your body with potassium. But did you ever stop to think about how important potassium really is for the body? It may seem like just a mineral, but it is a vital component for your body. In fact, your heart and kidneys depend on potassium for it to function normally. Potassium gluconate in the Philippines will make sure that you’re meeting the recommended daily amount of calcium to help you live a healthier life! 

Potassium Gluconate Benefits

Potassium gluconate in the Philippines can first and foremost assist you in preventing hypokalemia or low levels of potassium. Low levels of potassium in the body are linked to a handful of illnesses, health concerns, and life-threatening diseases like heart attacks. Alongside this, potassium gluconate can also help regulate fluid balance, reduce high blood pressure, and improve nerve signals in the brain.

Potassium Gluconate Uses

Potassium gluconate in supplement form will excellently help you reach the recommended amount of potassium for your body per day. This way, even when you’re out and about, your health is still in tip-top shape. 

Potassium Gluconate Dosage

Fill in that potassium gap in your body with Potassium Gluconate by Puritan’s Pride! Each bottle contains 100 caplets with 99 mg of potassium. You can stay on top of your health for at least 3 months with this! For adults, it is best to take 1 caplet daily, preferably after meals.