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Puritan's Pride Philippines

Lutein 20mg for Better Vision | CLEARANCE 50% OFF

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  • FDA CPR # FR-4000003864139
  • No approved therapeutic claims
  • Dietary supplement, supports eye health with antioxidants to protect your body
  • Contains 60 softgels, 20mg of Lutein with 800 mcg of Zeaxanthin each

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Expiry Date: July 31, 2022

About the Product

Healthy eyesight lets us see and appreciate the wonders of our surroundings and loved ones around us. It needs to be protected daily, and Puritan’s Pride Lutigold Lutein is filled with nourishment necessary for eye health. This dietary supplement is made with lutein and zeaxanthin -- two carotenoids that nurture vision, accumulating in the retina to protect against harmful blue light. 

Lutigold Lutein helps shield the eyes amid excessive screen time and sun exposure. With antioxidants, it aids against oxidative damage, maintaining the body’s wellness.

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