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Selenium Supplement Philippines

Heads up! If you haven’t heard of a selenium supplement in the Philippines, now is the time to learn about it. Apart from all the common vitamins and minerals that you know, selenium is also one of the essential nutrients you should be taking because your body cannot generate it. Without it, your heart, eyes, immune system, and reproductive system can suffer. Let’s take a look at the benefits of consuming selenium supplements every day. 

Selenium Supplement Benefits

First, selenium is an excellent and powerful antioxidant source. Meaning it can fight off viruses and defend your body from various sicknesses, especially heart conditions. 

Second, having a dose of selenium per day can keep you mentally healthy. It is a nutrient that helps prevent mental decline and helps boost memory. 

Third, selenium is important for the proper function of thyroid health. You need selenium to protect your thyroid gland from oxidative stress and prevent you from getting diagnosed with hypothyroidism. 

Is it Safe to Take a Selenium Supplement?

Foods such as oysters, brazil nuts, halibut, and yellowfin tuna are some great sources you can receive selenium from. However, these may be hard to come by, especially in some countries. This is why many turn to the Selenium Supplement by Puritan’s Pride. This way, you can get a perfect dose and an everyday boost for your health. 

How Much Selenium Supplement Should I Take Daily?

With Puritan’s Pride, you get the exact and recommended amount of 55mg of Selenium per day to hit your selenium levels and keep you in tip-top shape.