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    Triple Omega 3-6-9 Fish, Flax & Borage Oils Maximum Strength 60 softgels


Triple Omega 3-6-9 Philippines

We know how challenging it can be to take care of yourself when you’re juggling so many things daily. You barely have time to squeeze in healthy lunches and hit the gym. But you wouldn’t want to strain yourself, would you? And, as you get older, your unhealthy habits can have a negative effect on your heart. To help you stay on top of your health at all times, Triple Omega 3-6-9 in the Philippines is here to help. 

Triple Omega 3-6-9 Benefits

You may have heard of how and why omega 3 or Fish Oil supplements are essential for your body. However, if you’re looking for the best backbone supplement for your overall health, count on the combination of triple omega 3-6-9 supplements to deliver optimal effects. Let’s break down these 3 important fatty acids: 

  • Fish Oil: Omega 3 can keep your heart, brain, and metabolism healthy. Since your body can’t produce Omega 3 naturally, it can only be obtained through your diet and supplements. 
  • Flax Oil: Omega 6 is where your body gets the ultimate energy. It can also treat symptoms of chronic disease.
  • Borage Oil: Omega 9 decreases bad cholesterol and helps eliminate plaque build-up that causes heart attacks and strokes. 

Puritan’s Pride Omega-3 Review

Any adult can enjoy Triple Omega 3-6-9 for health reasons, especially seniors. In fact, individuals have expressed how Triple Omega 3-6-9 by Puritan’s Pride has helped them maintain their blood pressure at normal levels. Purchasing this comes with 60 Maximum Strength softgels that contain the best Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 for your health. 

Where To Buy Triple Omega 3-6-9 Philippines

So, if you want to stay on top of your health, consider consuming these 3 important and essential healthy fatty acids. Triple Omega 3-6-9 can be availed through our website or any Watsons branch near you.