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Vitamin K2 Philippines

Want stronger bones? We all grew up thinking that milk is the best source for it. But, you haven’t heard of Vitamin K2 in the Philippines yet! Vitamin K is a group of fat-soluble vitamins that contribute to bone metabolism and regulate blood calcium levels. It is the nutrient that supports the maintenance of strong bones and bone density. With low levels of this in your system, you’re most likely to be at higher risk of fractures and other bone-related diseases. 

Vitamin K2 Supplement Philippines

So, if you want healthy and stronger bones, Vitamin K2 in the Philippines is what you should turn to. And that’s not all it can offer for your health! Vitamin K2 also plays a huge role in blood clotting. Low levels of Vitamin K2 will also result in longer clotting times — leading to hemorrhage and excessive bleeding. Plus, since it also helps the blood, it also improves cognitive AND heart health. 

Is it Safe to Take Vitamin K2 Supplements?

How can you take Vitamin K2 in the Philippines? In fact, Vitamin K2 is packed in leafy green vegetables like broccoli, swiss chard, and kale. It can also be found in small amounts in some fruits. But if you really want a jam-packed Vitamin K2 source, Vitamin K2 supplements by Puritan’s Pride has got you covered.

Where To Buy Vitamin K2 in the Philippines?

Vitamin K2 by Puritan’s Pride is not your normal supplement. We meticulously packed it with all the good stuff. Our Vitamin K-2 MenaQ7 30 softgels feature Menaquinone —  the most natural and bioactive form of Vitamin K. We assure you that you’re getting the best supplement that your body deserves. Get yours today here at the Puritan’s Pride website!