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Zinc Supplements Philippines

Zinc deficiency can cause an extensive number of complications for your body such as low insulin levels, massive hair loss, eyesores, slowed growth, and decreased senses. This is because zinc is a necessity for enzymes that support your metabolism, digestion, nerve function, and immune cells. 

Zinc Lozenges Philippines

You have likely come across zinc in some famous over-the-counter forms such as lozenges. It has been a conventional treatment for the common cold because one of its most valuable benefits is supporting the immune system. It energizes your body’s enzymes, which in turn break down the particles in viruses and bacteria. This makes them less effective in spreading and producing diseases and sicknesses. 

Where Can I Buy Zinc Supplements In The Philippines?

Supply your body with this essential nutrient and lessen your chances of getting zinc deficiency by buying supplements in the Philippines from Puritan’s Pride. Take a look through our online store or at Watsons Stores nationwide! Zinc for Acne is specially formulated to address acne concerns and promote glowing skin. Zinc Gluconate is used to support your immune system in fighting off infections, illnesses, and bacteria. Lastly, Calcium Magnesium Zinc is helpful for supporting bone, joint, and nerve health.

Zinc Benefits For Filipinos

Since your bodies don’t store an excess of this essential mineral, it must be consumed through food, beverages, and in its refined form, supplements. You’d be surprised to identify the various benefits that zinc can provide to your body such as:

  • Improves skin health and reduces acne 
  • Decreases inflammation 
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Faster healing for burns, wounds, ulcers, and skin injuries
  • Lessens the risk of age-related diseases because of their immune response properties